San Francisco Institute of Possiblity


About the SFIOP

From the Embers of the All Worlds Fair came a mission: to take “art” out from behind its glass encasement and into your life, not as a thing you look at but as something you engage with … an experience you have, in unexpected places, unique every time.

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The Reliquary of Uncommon Experience

The Fallen Cosmos: 2015

All Worlds Fair: 2013


Latest News

Artist/ Curator/ Organizer Alita Edgar is joining the SFIOP team as Artistic Director. As the SFIOP expands, Alita will be co-creating new large-scale projects including the Reliquary of Uncommon Experience, and stewarding Camp Tipsy. Alita brings 20 years of experience in developing arts nonprofits such as Flux Factory (Queens, NY)[…]

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