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Tipsy 2019 Patron Pitch

Hey everybody,

Camp tipsy is 16 weeks away! Make sure you mark it on your on your calendars June 20th to June 23rd (but you should come early! Entertainment starts the 17th!). Tipsy is great. It’s the best thing we do and if you haven’t been you should come. You’ll laugh and be happy the whole time. It’s like what Burning Man used to be like before money and art careers and power trips and billionaires.

General admission tickets to Tipsy 2019 are $125 and we plan on releasing them on March 1st. There are some patron tickets available now, for those of you who are of means and love us.

There won’t be any sales or specials for tickets this year, we just dropped the price by 1/3rd and hopefully that will make it more accessible for everyone.

I’m writing this note to you today about Camp Tipsy, June 20th – June 23rd 2019.

This year we have a new ticket system. It’s neat. We wanna lower the price so it’s more accessible to people. So drop it from $180 to $125 We are going to do this by selling 100 Patron Tickets at $250. It all balances out really nicely. If you are a person of means and can afford to buy a $250 ticket instead of a $125 one, you are perfectly within your means to be a Tipsy Patron! Is this something you can do? We would be ever so grateful. We can not release the $125 tickets until we sell 100 of the $250 ones, or we have to re-think the entire thing…
But time is running out:

If this isn’t you, then don’t you worry, Patrons will step up and we will be releasing the $125 tickets by March 1st. I’m sure of it. We just have to nudge people a little.

Camp Tipsy tickets are here:

There is extensive information on the ticket site, but you get the general idea. Tipsy HAS to grow if it’s to survive another drought. Or a slow year. Not tons. Just a little. Everything gets more expensive every year. It’s just the way of things. Having tickets for $125 will increase our numbers by 10% or so. New blood. New boats. More fun. Last year was great, but the money didn’t work. The rent at the storage doubled from $400 to $800. Labor costs rose. And this year I’ll have a 3 month old kiddo so I won’t be able to be there as much, which will have consequences…

Things as cool as Tipsy don’t work like other things work. They don’t make rational sense. They can’t be confined to normal systems. It’s a caper. It requires careful planning to create this much Chaos. It’s confounding and confusing.

1. 1.
a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, or cause.
“a celebrated patron of the arts”
synonyms: sponsor, backer, financier, subsidizer, underwriter, guarantor, benefactor/benefactress, contributor, subscriber, donor;

That’s you! The patron of the arts! Lets celebrate! Please buy a Patron Ticket to Tipsy and see if you can’t think of anyone else who can afford to be a Patron and ask them to buy as well. The quicker we get 100 tickets sold, the quicker we release the $125 tickets and the more people will come…

Thank you ever so much,
Chicken John

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