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Fallen Cosmos Essay: The Horrible Confluence

As promised here is first post of many… the wonderful essays we received from the Fallen Cosmos Essay contest!

The Horrible Confluence

I write to tell you of a horrible confluence of misjudgement and disappointments.

Truly, it is all my fault.

When the Cosmos were just beginning to look as if they might Fall, I was in quite dire straits and did not have much to contribute to its saving. I gave as much as I could at the time in any case, which was not enough for a ticket. I assumed, however incorrectly, that I would be able to add to my contribution at a later point, as so often this is the case. I then alerted the dear friend with whom I experienced All Worlds Fair to this oncoming calamity, and that we might perhaps experience this together as well.

She bought me a ticket, but alas, I find myself now unable to produce hers. I keep getting Decrees from the Governor, but have not had the opportunity to fill out a survey or contribute more in order to bring my dear friend to experience this multiverse-altering experience, the Falling of the Cosmos themselves.

She will be so very disappointed! Please, if there is any possibility that I might rectify my gross misjudgement and bring my beloved friend to witness this event, I beg you help me.

Forever your humble servant,

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