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The Gift of Fallen Cosmos

We did something amazing last weekend.

Fourteen hundred people received a gift. They did not know what that gift would be. Neither did the people who gave them the gift. But they found themselves immersed in an interactive environment that contained the splendor of heaven, the Bacchanalia of hell, and everything in between – and not one of them paid a dime to be there.

All of the people who attended “The Fallen Cosmos” were gifted their tickets – either by participants in the event or someone who funded the Kickstarter. No one could buy a ticket for themself.

What does this sort of economy look like? Behold, it is written in the stars.

The gifting infographic was made by super-genius tech guy Dustin Selman. Each dot is either a person who received or gave a ticket. Each line shows the path of giving. Gifting makes great constellations, don’t you think?

Do you wonder what exactly this gift was?

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility is proud to announce that we will be giving an ENCORE PERFORMANCE of “The Fallen Cosmos” this coming weekend – Feb 6 and 7.

Perhaps you’ve heard this and are wondering how to buy a ticket? Well, we are standing firm! You cannot buy a ticket for yourself. We are currently only selling tickets to people who went to the experience or have helped create the show. Each of them have access to a secret URL that will allow them to buy a ticket.

If you would like to experience “The Fallen Cosmos” we suggest you find someone who attended the show, supported the Kickstarter, or participated in the event and be especially nice to them, to convince them that you are worthy of such a gift.
We will keep updating the gifting graphic as the week continues.

We hope to see your name recorded among the stars.

PS. Here are a few reviews from this past weekend:

“People. Go. You need to experience this… I was blown away. Fucking magical. Completely twisted. This kind of shit is why we live in the bay area.”
– John R

“It was just fantastic. 10% county fair, 5% Maker Faire, 10% scavenger hunt, 20% Cirque Du Soleil, 10% immersive theatre, 5% flashmob, 10% practical joke, 15% masquerade ball, 15% Crash Worship show.”
– Jason W

“Alice-in-Wonderland experience, where you wandered from one surprise to the next.”
– John L

 “Fucking delightful. The art school kid in me wept in happiness”

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