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Special Note about Camp Tipsy 2019

OK, big new changes for Camp Tipsy 2019 tickets…

We are hearing that Tipsy is too expensive for some folks and as a non-profit driven, community-based event- we hate that. Our collective mission is to make Tipsy more accessible but we can’t do it for less money (costs keep rising, in this last year alone the rent on our storage DOUBLED) so we decided to try something new! Check out our new ticket price structure below. It’s HEAVILY dependent on people who have the means to provide counter balance to those less blessed (but quite often who’s contributions are come in other forms).

Here’s what we hope to do:

  • General Admission Tickets will drop by 1/3rd to $125!
    • We hope to sell these to those who need to be more financially conservative and/or who don’t know if Tipsy is for them and feel a higher ticket price is a barrier to trying it out.
  • Kids tickets will cost 50% of General Admission, $62.50
  • Patron Tickets will be $250, $2,500 & $25,000
    • Patron Tickets will offset the costs of General Admission Tickets. Since many fine camping events cost $300-$600 or more so we know many in our community are blessed with the means to chip in extra for an event they love. If you can please do! Don’t let us tell you what this event is worth… you tell us!
    • $250 patron tickets gets you the knowledge that you paid extra to open the gates for others to come. We hope to sell 100 of the these.
    • $2,500 Super Patron tickets– Purchase one of these and you get free entry to Tipsy for life. We hope to sell 10 of these.
    • $25,000 UBER Patron Ticket– Purchase this and you get to come to Tipsy for life with 9 of you friends. We hope to sell just one of these.

There will also be the usual early entry tickets available to get you in before the gates open. We HIGHLY recommend coming as early as you can to get the most out of your boat building experience! Live entertainment starts on Tuesday night.

This is us responding to your feedback! Let’s see if this works, we think it will! If this fails, we’ll go back to our old ways but this year, let’s seriously try to make Tipsy more accessible… and for dogs sake, lets do away with the flash sales, specials, early birds and discounts.

Patron tickets go on sale first! We’ll open up the others in early 2019.

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