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Secret Symbology in Corporate Heraldry – part 4: The invisible prison of LinkedIn

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This is part of our ongoing series on the occult workings of major tech companies.  Previous  entries include Google, AirBnB, and Twitter.

The symbology of being linked, or chained, seems too obvious to explicate at length here.  To the extent its even mildly controversial that an organization named “LinkedIn” has a sinister agenda, it shouldn’t be.

But it is worth pointing out that the name is shown as the corporate logo with the word “Linked” free-standing and the word “in” encased within a box.

Following the natural reading progression of moving from left (Linked) to right (in), we see that once one has been Linked (upper case) one is then in (lower case).

The chains, or links, lead to the enclosure within the small box, or cage.

The security of enclosure begs the question of the accompanying imprisonment and lack of possible movement.  To wish to join is to win to be confined.  By posting a resume, one is effectively asking:  “put me in my box.”

To inculcate a desire for imprisonment may be a better check on any desire to escape from the system than such more obvious restraints as the appurtenances of physical incarceration.

Those who do not intuit that they are prisoners will evolve no desire to escape.


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