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Secret Symbology in Corporate Heraldry – part 2: The demonic hordes of Air BnB

AirBnB logoA Fallen Cosmos Exclusive

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The name of tech giant Air BnB is itself a direct challenge to the reader, since a lifetime of absorbing English words on the page does not prepare the recipient for the contradiction of three successive consonants.

Faced with such an anti-grammatical construction, studies out of Stanford University have shown that many English speakers subconsciously receive the second component of the name as Air “Bub,” instinctively transposing the lower-case N as an inverted U.  The appellation “Bub” is colloquially understood as a semi-jocular, quasi-hostile form of direct address made when the speaker does not know the identity of the addressee – a marker of anonymity.  In occult parlance, it is a reference to “Beelzebub,” a later Christian name for the demonic lord of Hell.

Thus the subconsciously inverted name of Air BnB is, in fact, “the unknown air demon.”

The subconscious effect here is to elevate the corporate entity, Air, into an empyrean, unapproachable horse – precisely the occult spaaaaaace it occupied during the Lower Middle Ages, when occult spirits were called the Powers of the Air in the age of greatest belief in demonic dominance.

But when we look at the corporate Air BnB logo, itself, we discern a still higher layer of symbolic control.

A bilaterally symmetrical inverted V over an enclosed loop, the glyph at once calls to mind certain alchemical symbols for two of the fabled Four Elements, those of Fire and Air.

These Four Elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, are not to be understood, as popularly supposed, as representing all matter, but rather the states of matter: Earth standing for Solids, Air for Gases, Water for Liquid and Fire for Energy in a free state.

The Air BnB logo thus identifies with the most powerful half of this quadratic symbology, the active upper half, below which matter is passive and receptive.

Air, of course, is obvious and the unconcealed actor in the name. Fire, less obvious but suggested in the pyramid form, represents unstoppable energy, both transformative and destructive.

The rounded and enclosed subordinate loop, or cartouche, since ancient Egypt a depiction of individual entity, surrounds and imprisons those who seek out, and are contained and dominated by, the corporate power in question.

The Air BnB logo is thus an invocation, and an implied threat:  if you will not open your home to them, nameless spirits can be summoned to take it.  Demonic hordes who will descend from the air upon your city, your apartment, and rip it from your hands.

The last time such threats were documented, the 16th century, was a time of mass upheaval:  plagues, political strife, and religious wars rent the body politic.  History appears to repeating itself.

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