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News From Lake Lodoga… Water Levels & Fun Levels!

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News From Lake Lodoga

“Where all the children are feral and all the boats are barely above the water line.”

We’ve had several people ask us if there is water this year. The answer is yes. Here’s the hard numbers straight from government sources:

So there you have it. Lake Lodoga has more water than there was in 2013 and waaaaaayyyy more than 2014. While they may drain it some more there is ONLY 19 DAYS TILL CAMP TIPSY! So most likely we are looking at water levels comparable to 2013.

So stop dabbling and buy your tickets to the best rotten boat building contest in drought ridden California! I mean who knows what next year will be like? You don’t want to miss out on what may very well be the best and last Camp Tipsy!

It’s going to be great! Rotten Boats! And music by Friction QuartetTrio Paz, and Rube Waddell!!

Buy Your Ticket Today!

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