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My favorite Cacophony Prank

Photo courtesy of the Steiff Museum, Giengen Germany

Photo courtesy of the Steiff Museum, Giengen Germany

There are so many to choose from … so many that had photographs … so many that got video taped … but in the end it’s a simple story that does it for me.

The Reverend Al got some big plush teddy bears. Cut open the seam on the back, gutted the stuffing. Replaced it with cement. Sewed the bears back up, and smuggled them into Toys R Us at Christmas. He and Sneery the Evil Clown made tags: Cement Cuddlers. Their UPC bar code came up as a Vienna Sausage. The reverse side of the tag included the following verse:

“Unfortunate child, do not mistake me for a living thing, nor seek in me the warmth denied you by your parents. For beneath my plush surface lies a hardness as impervious and unforgiving as this World’s own indifference to your mortal struggle. Hold on to me when you are sad, and I will weigh you down, but bear this weight throughout your years, and it will strengthen your limbs and harden your will so that one day no man dare oppose you.”

The label clearly states the manufacturer: Brutal Truth Toys.

That’s what it’s all about for me.  The experience that someone went through at Christmas seeing those bears on the shelves, trying to pick one up, staring at it, realizing what it was, trying to imagine how it got there …

In one moment, someone went from living in a world that has limits and boundaries to a world where anything is possible …

Let us do that for you.  The Rev. Al will be performing in “Agents of Chaos” at the Castro Theater on May 31.

You should be having more fun.  Let us change your life.

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