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Lost Vegas Rocked!

Lost Vegas was a total success! Not only did it come together to be a great fun event but we raised $6000 for the Camp Tipsy Art Fund! The Camp Tipsy Art Fund is new for this year: 50% of the fund will go to Seafarer Grants for people to make art boats and 50% will help pay for musicians and Landlubber Grants for art around camp. You got your ticket to Camp Tipsy right? Because it’s going to be awesome this year!

Photos from Lost Vegas!

Special thanks for Lost Vegas go to:

  • Valerie Levy for doing an awesome job with the boxing.
  • Mirage-A-Trios for being showgirls. That was totally amazing and confounding.
  • Arnold Weidinger for the Duck Battle. That was the stupidest thing for 500 miles in any direction.
  • Noona and Paul and friends for the Lost Vegas Police Department.
  • High Rock, Ty Mcenzie and Justinian for working the door.
  • KJ Paul DeJong for rocking the Karaoke, the silent Karaoke and providing the PA system.
  • Dirty Dave for running the bar.
  • Colin, Courtney and Jimmy for solving all the problems.
  • Dr. Hal and Rev. Roy for marrying everyone.
  • Jason for doing the OuterBody Experience Goggle thing.
  • Tracey and Don for redeeming everyone.
  • David Fine for being the best cockroach wrangler in history.
  • Jeremy Pollock for dealing Craps.
  • Brian Doherty for roulette. 20 years!!!!
  • Brad Allen and his strange friend for building help.
  • Chicken John for his palettes of beautiful Lost Vegas bullshit and making it all come together.

Lost Vegas was so much fun, even Chicken John had fun! That almost never happens.

Thank you again for dressing up and making the event a blast! And thank you for supporting the Camp Tipsy Art Fund which supports artists making ridiculous boats!

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