San Francisco Institute of Possiblity


It’s … it’s … LOST VEGAS!


It's like ... wait ... what's happening here?  Do we have this?

It’s like … wait … what’s happening here? Do we have this?

A story so incredible it couldn’t even be told once!

What happens there is so improbable that you couldn’t tell anyone even if you wanted to!

Don’t miss the life-changing thrills of … LOST VEGAS!

Here – and anywhere – for one night only!  Saturday, May 3, 9 p.m. – ???

Three blocks from the 16th and Mission BART stop!  (Details to be provided upon ticket purchase)

$10 advance, $20 at the door!

What will you find at LOST VEGAS?  Well, you can win big.  Big!  BIG I TELL ‘YA!  We’ve got:

  • Tournament Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Craps

For Fabu-less Prizes!  But that’s just a part of it!  Then there’s:

  • Rat Roulette
  • Cockroach racing, and
  • Duck Fighting!

And then there are the amazing events in LOST VEGAS that you can’t find anywhere else!

  • Outerbody Racing!
  • Silent Karaoke!
  • Short Duration Marriages!
  • The Wheel of Smut!
  • The Human Wheel of Death!
  • Photoboof!
  • Mirage-A-Trios showgirls!
  • All girl boxing that is totally not rigged!

All that, plus motorcycles will jump the ramp of death on fire!

It’s produced by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility, and all proceeds go to Camp Tipsy art fund, providing grants to artists to build the world’s most interesting temporary boats!

Missing an event like this is just another way of asking “Why am I living in the Bay Area anyway, when it’s so much cheaper in Fargo?”

Ticks available here!

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