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Hack your Taste Buds with the SFIOP!

It's a miracle!

It’s a miracle!

Miracle Fruit is a berry. When you eat it, an enzyme is released in your mouth that bonds to your taste buds and changes the way things taste. For the next hour sour becomes sweet.

Imagine the possibilities.  How would you like to make lemonade – without adding sugar? Or taste the most aromatic, refined, 40-year-aged balsamic vinegar out of a $1.29 bottle of cooking vinegar from Safeway?

Suddenly everything you think you know about food is up for grabs.  Taste combinations that we think of as impossible are on the table.  What does a lemon taste like now?  What other limits can we test?

Let’s find out.

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility invites you to a Miracle Fruit party on Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 7-9. It’s at Freespace, 1131 Mission Street @ 7th.

It’s completely free.

We’ll bring the Miracle Fruit, you bring foods to taste and share.

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