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Gift a Ticket to the Fallen Cosmos Encore Performance!

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pig and friend (photo by Michelle Yodor)

Many tickets were gifted to people during the Fallen Cosmos Kickstarter and many more where gifted for our preview show. We even had an essay contest which we awarded tickets to anyone who entered the contest. Then those who came to those first shows gifted on to others for our Final Encore show.

It has been said that this method is insular. We want to give anyone the ability to give the gift of an experience. To this end we are releasing fifty more tickets to our final show this Friday, February 13th, to those who can answer this riddle…

Benjamin Winters, the consultant for the notorious African blood wine merchants, left the Heart of Asmodeus in his will to a certain person. This same person will have a chance to be reborn from the womb of things and escape from the Heart of Asmodeus at the Fallen Cosmos. What is their name?

A clue can be found in the Secrets of Fallen Cosmos Revealed Part 2 Once you have the answer you can fill in their name in to complete the link below and buy a ticket for another as a gift. of person in riddle)

There is only one final encore performance of the Fallen Cosmos this Friday February 13th. We hope you bestow this experience on someone dear to you by buying them a ticket… 

(photo by Michelle Yodor)

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