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Fallen Cosmos Rain Postponement

Travelers to the Fallen Cosmos:

Last week, as the clock ticked midnight, nearly 1200 people had an experience that you, to, will soon have. Glass slippers were left on tables that lacked perspective, Prince Charming was led to the guillotine, and an angelic chorus competed with lust filled demons for the souls they left behind. A New Self was born.

We hope you are looking forward to the experience, but we regret to tell you that climactic conditions this weekend are forcing us to postpone this work of art and destiny. Some say it is the work of The Legion of Shame, using Big Data to affect the weather. Others say it would simply be less fun if you were to come to The Fallen Cosmos in rain ponchos and have to wade through three inches of water that might be connected to electrical equipment. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Regardless: this weekend’s shows are postponed, with our apologies.

At present, we anticipate The Fallen Cosmos to resume on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th.

We know this could be inconvenient: the world often conspires against its own profoundest experiences. But we hope you’ll stay with us: you are invited to The Fallen Cosmos because someone went out of their way to give you a gift. Not just to think about you, but to take a concrete step, making a sacrifice because they wanted you to have this experience. Rest assured, we’ll be here to make their wish come true.

Elspeth sends her love:

The New Beacons of Ur

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