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Fallen Cosmos Essay: Who am I?

This time an esoteric entry to our contest to be sure!

Who am I?

You ask me who I AM?

I have been called by many names.

Isis, Morgan La Fey, Mary Magdalene, Bride, bitch, slut, prude, smartass, dreamer, talented, loud, bulldog, outrageous, scary, wise, oak, angel, hellcat, banshee, siren, goddess, indigo, fantasy, wench, maid, priestess, shaman, earth mother, seductress, magician, fool.

I am all of these and none of these.

I am the voice that whispers in the wind.
I am the taste of the earth kissing the sky.
I am the touch of the waves to the shore.
I am the smell of the tree rooted in earth.
I am the color of the moon-bird in flight.

My words are many, my truths few.

I am she who roars and she who weeps. I lick your wounds clean with my salty tongue while making fresh red tributaries down your leg with my claws.

My voice is fierce, yet my heart is pure.

While you sleep I creep lantern in hand howling like the wind and release all your ancient ghosts.

When you awake my gentle fingers stroke the slumber from your eyes and rub life into your quaking limbs.

My dance is the dance of death and life and death and life – a never-ending eddy leading somewhere and nowhere at the same time.

If you blink quickly you might just catch my shape – that’s me the haloed after-effect of too much light, like staring at the sun.

When you are alone, I am there. Quietly spinning my yarn of tales, ideas, inspirations through your mind – giving breath to the breathless – urging you to Stop. Slow Down. Be Present. Be Intentional.

I am neither here nor there, for I am everywhere. Look for me and you will find me. Call my name, whichever one pleases you most, and I arrive. I may be under a rock. I may be the uninvited guest. I may be your own thoughts. Expect me and I will come.

For I am you. And you are me. We are one. We are many. We are. I am that, I AM.

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