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Fallen Cosmos Essay: Incredible Secrets!

One essay writer has released to us some secrets that may save us all!

Incredible Secrets that may save the Cosmos:

I live in a partially burned –out pine tree on a mound of land I consider a hill. It’s a fairly self-sufficient life I live, drinking the water I save from the leaf-collection system I have configured. The raindrops are routed through hand-woven twigs and ruts in the limbs to a series of collection pools. My diet consists of salad from nearby wild greens, root vegetables and seasonally available berries. I cannot tell you exactly where my lair is as then I couldn’t tell you my secret.

As a child I did some extensive exploring of the woods adjacent to my home. This was due in–part to the limited possibilities to find adventure in the tiny studio behind the car dealership we lived in. One season, a long storm had rendered our family housebound for an extended period. A stir-crazy young me ventured out into the neighboring hills during a brief relief in the weather. I came upon an unusual tree with colors so rich in the twisted bark. It seemed to be breathing in the fog and light. The roots were greedily penetrating the rain-soaked hillside. As I sat back and watched it, it became clear to me that I could see it growing in real time. Curiously, as much as the roots descended, the upper-most limbs and leaves reached skyward. The rains returned. Looking for shelter, I ran into an impossibly small hole at the base of the tree. The caves within the tree extended surprisingly far. I kept moving forward driven by the amber glow ahead. Then I came upon the chamber. Expecting a fire, I was surprised to find the walls encrusted with red, green and amber crystals glowing from within. I managed to pull off a fist-sized jewel and hold it in my hands. I put it up to my mouth tentatively and then I bit right into it. I can only begin to describe this taste as it changed mid-way. Each bite adjusted to my expectation. Avocado turned to baked potato. Asparagus abruptly shifted to cucumber dipped in peanut butter. Candied cherries morphed into pistachio gelato. This is my secret. The chamber of the chameleon dining crystals.

There is a problem. As you reported, the Cosmos has taken a dire turn. It’s eccentric revolutions affecting time and reality and has effectively turned off the life blood energy to this chamber. I believe that this chamber may be the very heart of the Cosmos. We must save it! I would be willing to share the experience with right-minded people if I can just help to stop the Cosmos from entirely falling to pieces. I am already working on a plan but I will need lots of help. I will form a team on the night of January 31 at your venue, The Fallen Cosmos! I look forward and am hopeful that you will find it in your hearts to save this precious chamber and provide me access to your magical show AND SAVE THE COSMOS!

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