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Fallen Cosmos Essay: Cosmically Falling, Failing Cryptically

Some serious mumbo jumbo in this essay!
BTW the Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest ends Friday 23rd at midnight!
To the remaining disciples of magic,

This message has been encrypted to satisfy my growing paranoia and to avoid the prying eyes of the supreme toxin of the universe:Β Lord Asmodeus and his minions, the Urs.

Intuition tells me that a NEW/OLD fairy tale will supplant the ages of Tribes, Law, Reason and Technology.
In this fair City of fArts and InnoFlagellation, a night of delightfully desperate doom-laden disciples will descend into the pit of pernicious pusillanimity, only to rise again and succumb to the power of positivity and playfulness. They will then be able to create anew all the best that has gone before and fertilize the creative inspiration for the anarchic times ahead.

You betcha.

To be Fallen, one must have risen.
“Erit in exemplum cunctis potentibus”
An example shall be made of the mighty.
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