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Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest

After the kickstarter campaign to create The Fallen Cosmos ended, the SFIOP began receiving messages from piteous souls decrying their own poor information retention and scheduling skills, or reporting stories of mean friends who only told them about the wondrous Fallen Cosmos when it was too late, and their subsequent inabilities to participate in the unique gifting ticket mechanic.

For those of you who, simply put, missed out; we sympathize. We are devastated for you. We cannot look each other in the eyes, for fear that we will break down sobbing.

But currently, all tickets for The Fallen Cosmos have been allocated. It just is. That’s a cruel, cold, fact of life. Like syphilis, and cell phone contracts, and the Newsom administration.


We know that there will be some people who reject the gift of a ticket to The Fallen Cosmos. They won’t be able to make it, or they will forget about it and won’t register in time.

We don’t know how many there will be, but there will be some.

And that means there will be a few spaces open … therefore, we have the opportunity to extend the spirit of gift-giving and generosity that this event is built upon, and reallocate the unclaimed tickets. And do this we shall… to people who write us wondrous and tragic essays explaining why the world will be a better, more magical, place if a ticket should waft into their hands on a fortuitous breeze.. Or an awesome story involving a dragon or candy canes. One of us loves candy canes.. Everyone loves dragons. And bacon.

This is: The SFIOP Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest!

Don’t have a ticket? Wanna write us a note? All the spare tickets we end up with will go to essay writers. Send your essay to:

All essays will be posted on our site. Read ‘em and weep!

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