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Help bring art to everywhere!

Support their kickstarter even if it’s only $1!

So Everyhere Logistics is as they say “Building art community, one box truck at a time.” This isn’t an SFIOP art project — we got our hands full with Camp Tipsy and dreaming up the next amazing thing after Fallen Cosmos — but we we at SFIOP solid support anyone building an art community.

It’s a ridiculously ambitious art project — but who are we to mock people with ridiculously ambitious ideas??? They are taking art box trucks on the road from NY and SF stopping off at various cities along the way and meeting in the middle. Each city will sponsor their own Night Market with a host of art trucks that they will join up with. My partner Tess has her very own adorable Jr Rangers art truck (shown above) which she will be taking.

They have a Kickstarter going right now and it’s going well but they could use more help. It’s all over this Tuesday 30th. I encourage everyone to check out the project and donate, even if you can only donate $! But if you can/want to donate more there are a lot of great rewards.

Personally I’ve offered up my graphic design logo services. If you weren’t aware weird logos for weird art projects is one of my bailiwicks. You may know of my old project Balsa Man which I designed all the various logos for. I also created the logo for Dance Dance Immolation and the Prim & Proper Lady’s Etiquette Society among others. So if you want me to design a solid quality logo for your art project or band and have a $1000 then donate to their Kickstarter and pick that reward!

So donate today (Kickstarter is over this Tuesday) even if it’s only $1!

Donate to Everyhere Logistics Kickstarter

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