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The SMASH Arcade: Electoral Catharsis

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  • Date: November 8, 2016
  • Location Oakland, CA
  • Venue: Nimby
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Tuesday, November 8th from 6pm to 11:30pm
Ticket Price: $10 at the door or purchase in advance at:
^^ Ages 18 and up. ^^
The SMASH Arcade presents an evening dedicated to Electoral Catharsis – for your personal mental health and well-being and in a completely NON-hyperbolic, exaggerated statement… for the collective well-being of AMERICA!

How, what and the amount you smash is up to YOU! That’s freedom, baby! Purchase arcade tickets and redeem them in one of the SMASH Zones.

THROWING GALLERY – Test your pitching arm!
DROP ZONE – Get real high (but not in a prop 64 kinda way) and smash things with gravity assist!
RALLY BOWL – Our good friends are hosting, all smash oriented lanes!
SHOOTING GALLERY – Test your marksmen skills in this gallery of breakables.
WRECKING BALL – Pull back, take aim, and let that wrecking ball fly! Extra points if you DON’T sing that song… thanks…
What’s that? You want to .:SMASH A CAR:. to bits and pieces? We’ve got it on lockdown!


Election Results on the BIG screen:.
Live Music at 7pm with THE NERV and The Wyatt Act at 8pm. Followed by sweet jams from DJ Rob’n’Stealin’:.
Food & Drinks by Carly’s Kitchen – famous vegetarian chili, nachos and hot dogs!
Pictures, Videos, and More Updates can be found at the following:

˅˅˅Important Information˅˅˅

* For their safety: NO ANIMALS! *
* We really appreciate all the offers to bring tools to smash and whatnot, but we are totally locked, stocked, and ready. We just need you!
***This event is non-partisan and does not advocate violence towards people, just inanimate objects, especially those that are most gratifying to smash.***