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Musical Hopscotch at the Chez Poulet

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  • Date: May 15, 2016
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location San Francisco
  • Venue: Chez Poulet
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Hey everybody it’s Skippy, the guy who runs around behind the scenes-

Coty Hogue has been a dear friend to me since I was a little lad in Montana. She helped me discover music and to go out into the world as a creative being. Now she is a professional Musician, and I am proud to introduce her to you.

This Sunday Coty and her troupe are coming to San Francisco to perform at the Chez Poulet at 7:00 PM. I would like to offer them the warmest of welcomes and all of our support in their endeavor as they tour Coty’s new album Flight.

With this performance will come two fascinating local artist who are new to me, but familiar to many of you: Melanie Ida Chopko and Ami Nashimoto. I am eager to see our communities blend.

Please join us for Musical Hopscotch at the Chez Poulet on Sunday May 15th

Tickets are $20 -NTAFLOF-

To let a friend know what show you’re taking them to, give this facebook page

My thanks to you all,