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Into the Mouth of the Wolf

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  • Date: October 27, 2016
  • Location San Francisco, California
  • Venue: Great Star Theater
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Told using a collection of experimental circus art and visceral storytelling, we navigate the hope that holds us captive and the instinct to unravel. Last year, Raised by Wolves shocked audiences by telling the truth about the transformations that happen to each of us. This season, Circus Automatic challenges you to step through the trees to see what you are really made of, to hear your own story, to set the stage to come undone.

Second in the Raised by Wolves series, Into the Mouth of the Wolf is a hybrid storytelling and circus show. Ready yourself for two very different shows based on two very different lives. In Part I (Oct 13 – Oct 28), The first show presents Joyce Lee and her life story in the form of poetry that leaves bruises and bite marks, the circus acts respond in kind, howling along with her and sometimes rebelling. Part II (Oct 29 – Nov 13) delivers the finishing blow, featuring Jamie DeWolf as your faithful narrator, always ready to shock and inspire through the darkest alleyways and gutters for a glimpse of the stars. Each Storyteller illuminates a different facet of overcoming your own demons. The performers confront this battle in front of you on stage, sparing no nuanced movement to articulate the words that cannot be spoken. Every night will be unforgettable, audiences are encouraged to purchase a double-ticket in advance to ensure they see the totality of this unique experience.
If you have a preference for which storyteller you’d like to see make sure that you choose the appropriate date!
Joyce Lee: Oct 13 – Oct 27 & Nov 3
Jamie DeWolf: Oct 28 – Oct 30, & Nov 4 – Nov 13

Great Star Theater

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