San Francisco Institute of Possiblity


Fallen Cosmos Encore Performance — Friday

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  • Date: February 13, 2015
  • Time: 19:00
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Venue: Pier 70
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Our encore weekend is now being folded into one superlative encore show on Friday February 13th!

As you already know, our shows for the weekend of February 6th and 7th were postponed due to rain. We had no choice in this as the venue was totally flooded. Our intention was to re-boot the shows the following weekend and hope that everyone’s schedules could accomodate. The Friday date was fine, but too many people have plans for Sat. the 14th in observance of Valentines Day, so doing a show on that day is untenable, we are very sorry to say. That’s ok though as this means we can focus all our efforts at making the Friday Encore show the best ever!

The Fallen Cosmos is an enigmatic participatory multi-disciplinary arts event brought to you by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility.


You bestow this experience as a gift using a secret link. There is no other opportunity for someone to visit the Fallen Cosmos except by being the recipient of ticket gifted to you.


The Cosmos Falls at Pier 70 (in the Dogpatch of SF on 22nd St off of Illinois St). Go down 22nd not 20th!


Secrets of the Fallen Cosmos Revealed!

Web of Gifts

This is an interactive graphic that shows how tickets have been gifted from one person to another. Feel free to zoom in and out, or pan back and forth. Each dot is a person, and each arrow represents the giving of a gift. Different colors represent different nights that giftees attended the show.

A full-screen version of this graphic is available here: