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Decent Into Madness

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  • Date: October 1, 2016
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Venue: 111 Minna Gallery
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Book pre-release party for Chicken John Rinaldi’s new work: The Book of the Un


The Book of the Un

Can one little guy write a manifesto about messy, stupid collaborative artworks that will consummate a global thesis, rooted in art, that supersedes petty kings and commodities?

  • How do we get an artist’s constitution?
  • An artist’s democracy – sovereign outside of governments?
  • Who will lead us into the time of Peace, prosperity, ecology & balance?
  • What is ‘severe comedy? Does it hurt?

The Book of the Un, by Chicken John Rinaldi, has the answer.

The Book of the Un is a how to manual and philosophical tour de force from the guy who literally wrote the book on failure.

Gallery Tours

Installed at 111 Minna is Lee van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis: an in depth interpretation (of thousands of interpretations available on the painting) of Hieronymus Boschs’ iconic painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. The interpretation is so complex, you need a guide to take you through it and answer your questions!

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