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Camp Tipsy 2015

Camp Tipsy 2015 - Mission Control (photo by SandwichGirl)
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  • Date: June 29, 2015
  • Location Lake Ladoga, CA
  • Venue: Camp Tipsy
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Camp Tipsy is an annual rotten boat building contest and camp-out held at East Park Reservoir in Colusa County, California organized by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility.

Now in its 8th year, Camp Tipsy is a fun and family-friendly event. Participants build “boats” out of junk and enjoy boating and floating in the reservoir (or as we call it, Lake Lodoga). On Saturday at noon your wonderful, whimsical, stupid boats compete for valueless prizes in The Boat Contest.

Camp Tipsy is fun both day and night with musical acts each evening! The lineup for 2015 is:

  • Thursday — Friction Quartet — stunningly beautiful string quartet
  • Friday — Trio Paz — fabulous Spanish flamenco music
  • Saturday — Rube Waddell — mixing Blues, Gospel, American and Irish Folk, Country, Rock, Punk, comic Vaudeville and German theater, South-East Asian ditties, a little funk and a lot of raw power
  • Kid’s show by Mermaid Atlantis Friday thru Sunday!



Mermaid Atlantis

Mermaid Atlantis

Colusa County has restricting our numbers to 900 people total (including kids). So we are likely going to sell out in 2015. If you want to secure a ticket now (and help get the $11,000 loss off our books from 2014’s Camp Tipsy), buy yours today!

Support Tipsy Art Boats by supporting the Kickstarter!

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility is proud to present Camp Tipsy 2015! We are hoping that everyone will make a boat this year, but there are a few exceptional artists who need some extra help with materials, transportation, consumables and other stuff. We have decided to list them here, and reach out to get this stuff funded. It will be a great way to let people know about the event, too.

Our fundraising is two-fold: one is for the ACRE of bullshit that we store in Lodoga all year that is the raw material for boat building for all you people. Camp Tipsy lost money last year, and the storage didn’t get paid. The other side of the fundraising is for the awesome projects that people have come up with — both on land and the sea! We’ve structured this campaign first and foremost to pay for storage. With that in the bag, all stretch goals will go to all the landlubber art and art boat projects from our featured artists.

We appreciate your generosity, and we will look forward to seeing your terribly implemented stupid boats this year!!!

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