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Camp Tipsy 2014

Camp Tipsy 2011 (photo by Kelly Galamore)
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  • Date: July 7, 2014
  • Location Lake Ladoga, CA
  • Venue: Camp Tipsy
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Camp Tipsy is an annual rotten boat building contest and camp-out held at East Park Reservoir in Colusa County, California organized by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility.

Now in its 7th year, Camp Tipsy is a fun and family-friendly event. Participants build “boats” out of junk and enjoy boating and floating in the reservoir (or as we call it, Lake Lodoga). On Saturday at noon your wonderful, whimsical, stupid boats compete for valueless prizes in The Boat Contest.

Each night features musical entertainment under the stars. Musical guests for 2014 are TBA.

Camp Tipsy Art Fund

Introducing the new Camp Tipsy Art Fund Program! For this year’s Camp Tipsy we are creating an art fund that will go directly for entertainment and for grants to boat artists!

Along with your ticket purchase we encourage you to add $5-20 (or more!) to your purchase to help support the Camp Tipsy Art Fund — every dollar you add will be matched by the SFIOP. If you donate $10 then the SFIOP will donate $10!

Where the money will go:

  • 50% of the Camp Tipsy Art Fund will go to help pay for musicians to play on the main stage and other art stuff at the event.
  • 50% of the Camp Tipsy Art Fund will go to a fund for art grants to boat artists

All proceeds from the Lost Vegas event on May 3rd will go to this fund!!!!!

Camp Tipsy Admission

Last year was our first year enforcing a gate. We get a full 1/3 of the park and all the cooperation of the powers that be to do this event. It’s not cheap. Last year our budget was like $70,000 dollars to throw the event. We came very close to breaking even. We will put up a spreadsheet of where the money went last year so you can look at it. It’s complicated to throw a huge event like this safely and responsibly.

As of 2013, Camp Tipsy’s environmental impact and large presence requires a time-consuming (and costly) permit process with both the Bureau of Reclamation and Colusa County. So that’s why all attendees must purchase a ticket to attend Camp Tipsy. We can honor our agreements, we can avoid people going broke throwing the thing, and we can create a huge event safely and responsibly… if everyone who comes chips in.

The good news: this means we have an entire section of the park dedicated to Camp Tipsy! We’re going to have a larger area for the shop, as well as separate car camping, tent camping, and walk-in camping areas. Loads more information is available on and the Camp Tipsy FAQ page

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18 and under admitted free with parent/guardian

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Camp Tipsy 2011 (photo by Marc Roper)

Camp Tipsy 2011 (photo by Marc Roper)