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Ask Dr Hal Show Oct 7th

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  • Date: October 7, 2016
  • Time: 21:00
  • Location San Francisco
  • Venue: Chez Poulet
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Ask DrHal LIVE!

Every Friday in October!
Show starts at 9:00 PM
Chez Poulet
3359 Cesar Chavez
$20 (limited to 80 seats Buy your ticket now!)

The Ask DrHal show is a science question and answer show featuring the genius and photographic memory of one Harry S. Robins. Admission is $20, and for this admission you get a seat, a few slips of paper and a very small pencil. The rest is pure magic. Questions get answered. Riddles get solved. Epic poetry is recited. “Music” is played, by one KROB. The internets and tickled by one David Cappuro. Chicken John moderated the questions and dispenses Fernet. We open with a cartoon. Then, our resident astrologer Pete Goldie does a breif space report which is not at all long and in fact quite laquonic. It’s not a very long thing at all. Ever.

The show started at the now almost pre-historic Odeon bar some 17 years ago. We have done this show hundreds and hundreds of times. We are quite good at it. It usually lasts a few hours. You can see video of it here and here is the night we sold out for mago energy drinks.