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Descent Into Madness Parade

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Be part of the Parade! Call to Artists & Doers

Okay, who wants to be in a parade?! We will dress you, feed you, get you drunk (and give you a book!) and you will be in such good company! We need 200 (or so) people to make our Descent into Madness parade come alive. We have more than half of the people we need, but we want to make this an epic spectacle and a great night for the people that come!

Book of the Un release party
Oct 1st 8pm (parade at 10, make up at 8:30!)
111 Minna gallery (we are doing a street closure on Minna betwixt 2nd and New Montgomery)
$20 admission … plus you get a book! (of course free to people in the show)

The whole night is an exploration of an interpretation of Bosh’s iconic painting The Garden of Earthly Delights as was presented in the Fallen Cosmos. If you came to the Fallen Cosmos, and would like to don your pink and blue outfit, now is the time!!!

Chicken John is releasing the long awaited volume 2 of his Book of the Is/Book of the Un series, and since the Un has a chapter on the Fallen Cosmos, we wanted to play with that idea one more time. We asked a few people and everyone we asked was super down. So we thought about it- we’ve got the whole street- what should we do with it? A Parade! So Johna is back to making costumes and there are racks and racks of them. We still have all the props and the gallery show that will hang on the walls of the gallery. We just need YOU!

Write us back and pick a day that you can come to our SF warehouse (in the bayview right off 101) for a fitting. or

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to other kindred spirits!

If you can’t be in the show, please save the date and still join us in celebrating on a beautiful October evening!

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