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Chicken John selling Castro Theater marquee to the highest bidder

This could be you!

This could be you!

Did you know that if you rent the Castro Theater for a show, you get to decide what they put up on the marquee?

It’s true.  It can be anything you want.  I’d say “within reason,” but, this is San Francisco – so reason need not apply.

Want to tell a joke?  Commit a hate crime?  Propose marriage?  Tell the truth about 9/11?  All options are on the table.

Pretty cool, huh?

We think so – and as it happens we’re renting the Castro Theater for a show this Friday.  It’s called “Agents of Chaos,” and it will be epic.  The Yes Men headlining, the Cacophony society being honored against its will, Ivan Stang from the Church of the Subgenius hosting … the likes will probably never come again.   Read the full description here.

Since we’ve got the theater … we get to put up anything we want on the marquee, right?


YOU get to put up anything YOU want on the marquee.

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility has authorized its Executive Director, Chicken John Rinaldi, to sell the Castro Theater marquee for the day of our show to the highest bidder.  At least, the highest bidder who also has the best idea.  It’s not about money so much as that a bidding war makes it more hilarious.

Seriously:  start a bidding war sometime.  Whatever you were doing will suddenly be more hilarious.  Automatically.

So now we don’t know what the Castro Theater marquee will say on Friday.  It could be ANYTHING!  The offers are pouring in.  Some of them are from evil geniuses:  others are just well meaning citizens who want to make sure the San Francisco Republican Party doesn’t win.  A lot of them want to advertise something.  Can you blame them?

Anything could happen.

Got an idea?  A vision for what this prime piece of San Francisco real estate will tell the world on a Friday night?

Tell us.  Send us your idea, and your bid.  This could be your only chance to have your words up in lights at one of the world’s premier theaters.

To bid, email Chicken.

Purchase tickets for Agents of Chaos here.

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