San Francisco Institute of Possiblity

Fallen Cosmos

Invitation to The Fallen Cosmos Artist Orientation

Dear Artists and Doers,

You may have heard of a little thing we like to call The Fallen Cosmos. While you may have heard some rumors about the hidden intricacies behind it I assure you the whisperers from the Fallen Cosmos are prone to trickery and confusion. The truth is far more strange and magical and it will take dozens of creative minds coming together to pull the Fallen Cosmos into a form that is perceivable by mere humans.

Artists, doers, we need to access YOUR dreams and subconscious energies to bring the Fallen Cosmos into this world!

We are staging several Fallen Cosmos orientation sessions for small groups of artists like you to contribute your creative visions and dreams as puzzle pieces making it whole. Each meeting will be a small intimate group to better access the creative mesmeric energies.

RSVP is required to attend these Fallen Cosmos orientation sessions and are first come first serve.

Fallen Cosmos Orientation Session Sign Up Form