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Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest

Fallen Cosmos Essay: Lazy essay

This essay while labeled “Lazy Essay” is certainly anything but Lazy

The Essay Contest ends this Friday at Midnight!

During the Vietnam War, I was stationed on a U.S. destroyer in the Pacific. One morning I was having breakfast in the officers’ lounge when the OPS (Operations Officer) dragged himself through the double doors. This guy was the archetype of a non-morning person. Still half asleep and bleary eyed, he sat down in his customary spot with a coffee and bagel. Soon however, the morning sun is blazing in through one of the portholes, putting a big circle of light right in his face. He’s squinting and taking tiny slurps and slowly coming alive like a bear emerging from winter hibernation. It’s a painful sight.

But then I see the zombie-OPS slowly pick up the phone and dials the bridge. In his familiar not-really-awake-yet voice, he says, “Heeey… it’s OPS. Could you… shift our barpat… yeah, one six five. Thanks.” And puts down the phone. Then he just sits there, squinting and waiting. Ever so slowly, I realize that the big, blazing spot of sun has begun to slide off the zombie’s unshaven mug and onto the wall behind him. After a few moments it clears his face and he blinks slowly a few times.

Watching from a nearby table, the brilliant display of laziness I’ve just witnessed begins to overwhelm me. By ordering the bridge to adjust our ship’s zig-zag patrol pattern by about a dozen degrees, he’s altered its course just enough to reposition himself in the shade. He’s literally redirected thousands of tons of steel and hundreds of people so that he could get the sun out of his eyes while he drinks his coffee. I am awestruck. As he fumbles with applying cream cheese, I am torn by the fear that he may never be fully cognizant of his own epic genius, since he won’t truly be present to the world for another hour or so. But just as he bites into the bagel, our eyes meet and he gives me a faint, sly grin.

This is not actually my story. It was told to me by a little bird who used to be a dragon (an antiquated term for a naval officer), in exchange for a candy cane. So I’m passing it along to you, hopefully in exchange for a ticket to Fallen Cosmos.



Fallen Cosmos Essay: Cosmically Falling, Failing Cryptically

Some serious mumbo jumbo in this essay!
BTW the Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest ends Friday 23rd at midnight!
To the remaining disciples of magic,

This message has been encrypted to satisfy my growing paranoia and to avoid the prying eyes of the supreme toxin of the universe: Lord Asmodeus and his minions, the Urs.

Intuition tells me that a NEW/OLD fairy tale will supplant the ages of Tribes, Law, Reason and Technology.
In this fair City of fArts and InnoFlagellation, a night of delightfully desperate doom-laden disciples will descend into the pit of pernicious pusillanimity, only to rise again and succumb to the power of positivity and playfulness. They will then be able to create anew all the best that has gone before and fertilize the creative inspiration for the anarchic times ahead.

You betcha.

To be Fallen, one must have risen.
“Erit in exemplum cunctis potentibus”
An example shall be made of the mighty.

Fallen Cosmos Essay: Incredible Secrets!

One essay writer has released to us some secrets that may save us all!

Incredible Secrets that may save the Cosmos:

I live in a partially burned –out pine tree on a mound of land I consider a hill. It’s a fairly self-sufficient life I live, drinking the water I save from the leaf-collection system I have configured. The raindrops are routed through hand-woven twigs and ruts in the limbs to a series of collection pools. My diet consists of salad from nearby wild greens, root vegetables and seasonally available berries. I cannot tell you exactly where my lair is as then I couldn’t tell you my secret.

As a child I did some extensive exploring of the woods adjacent to my home. This was due in–part to the limited possibilities to find adventure in the tiny studio behind the car dealership we lived in. One season, a long storm had rendered our family housebound for an extended period. A stir-crazy young me ventured out into the neighboring hills during a brief relief in the weather. I came upon an unusual tree with colors so rich in the twisted bark. It seemed to be breathing in the fog and light. The roots were greedily penetrating the rain-soaked hillside. As I sat back and watched it, it became clear to me that I could see it growing in real time. Curiously, as much as the roots descended, the upper-most limbs and leaves reached skyward. The rains returned. Looking for shelter, I ran into an impossibly small hole at the base of the tree. The caves within the tree extended surprisingly far. I kept moving forward driven by the amber glow ahead. Then I came upon the chamber. Expecting a fire, I was surprised to find the walls encrusted with red, green and amber crystals glowing from within. I managed to pull off a fist-sized jewel and hold it in my hands. I put it up to my mouth tentatively and then I bit right into it. I can only begin to describe this taste as it changed mid-way. Each bite adjusted to my expectation. Avocado turned to baked potato. Asparagus abruptly shifted to cucumber dipped in peanut butter. Candied cherries morphed into pistachio gelato. This is my secret. The chamber of the chameleon dining crystals.

There is a problem. As you reported, the Cosmos has taken a dire turn. It’s eccentric revolutions affecting time and reality and has effectively turned off the life blood energy to this chamber. I believe that this chamber may be the very heart of the Cosmos. We must save it! I would be willing to share the experience with right-minded people if I can just help to stop the Cosmos from entirely falling to pieces. I am already working on a plan but I will need lots of help. I will form a team on the night of January 31 at your venue, The Fallen Cosmos! I look forward and am hopeful that you will find it in your hearts to save this precious chamber and provide me access to your magical show AND SAVE THE COSMOS!

Fallen Cosmos Essay: Who am I?

This time an esoteric entry to our contest to be sure!

Who am I?

You ask me who I AM?

I have been called by many names.

Isis, Morgan La Fey, Mary Magdalene, Bride, bitch, slut, prude, smartass, dreamer, talented, loud, bulldog, outrageous, scary, wise, oak, angel, hellcat, banshee, siren, goddess, indigo, fantasy, wench, maid, priestess, shaman, earth mother, seductress, magician, fool.

I am all of these and none of these.

I am the voice that whispers in the wind.
I am the taste of the earth kissing the sky.
I am the touch of the waves to the shore.
I am the smell of the tree rooted in earth.
I am the color of the moon-bird in flight.

My words are many, my truths few.

I am she who roars and she who weeps. I lick your wounds clean with my salty tongue while making fresh red tributaries down your leg with my claws.

My voice is fierce, yet my heart is pure.

While you sleep I creep lantern in hand howling like the wind and release all your ancient ghosts.

When you awake my gentle fingers stroke the slumber from your eyes and rub life into your quaking limbs.

My dance is the dance of death and life and death and life – a never-ending eddy leading somewhere and nowhere at the same time.

If you blink quickly you might just catch my shape – that’s me the haloed after-effect of too much light, like staring at the sun.

When you are alone, I am there. Quietly spinning my yarn of tales, ideas, inspirations through your mind – giving breath to the breathless – urging you to Stop. Slow Down. Be Present. Be Intentional.

I am neither here nor there, for I am everywhere. Look for me and you will find me. Call my name, whichever one pleases you most, and I arrive. I may be under a rock. I may be the uninvited guest. I may be your own thoughts. Expect me and I will come.

For I am you. And you are me. We are one. We are many. We are. I am that, I AM.

Fallen Cosmos Essay: 80 Feet Underground

Just to prove that an essay doesn’t have to be long to work…

80 Feet Underground

Whoah is the poor traveler who finds themselves in the Paris underground with none other than John Law when this email was sent! We gifted our tickets, but has no one thought of us? Just because we were 80 feet underground doesn’t mean we are dead. I mean, really. We did come back up. We are here and ready to ascend into the cosmos.

Fallen Cosmos Essay: Full of Shit

Another amazing and long essay! This person totally deserves to see the Cosmos Fall!

Full of Shit

In the survey you asked about the most enlightening experience of my life. Well, like most such stories, this one involved severe pain and lots of shit.

The physical and spiritual challenges of that week combined to gift me with the best week of my life.
I used to be shy about using such superlatives in describing my life: it seemed immodest, braggy, and possibly delusional.

And then I got over it. Today IS the best day of my life because I am alive in it, and I am being provided with everything I need. Breath, sustenance, shelter, family, community, and most of all: Love! I am blessed to have so much love in my life and coming to me at all times. I am awash in it, I am floating in it.

And so the details: last spring I thought I had appendicitis. I was doubled over in pain. And I blew it off for a day, until I went to the doctor. They said “50/50 you have it, but you’ll never get into the ER, so go home and wait and see if you spike a fever, and then call 911.”

In the meantime, they scheduled a the CT scan. Which showed that while my appendix was pristine, my colon was very full of waste.

Yes, that’s right. I have now been medically diagnosed with being Full of Shit.

While this amuses me to no end, it is also pretty darn embarrassing. For one thing, it is considered impolite to talk too much about poop and pooping. And for another, I am deeply ashamed that I let my body get into this situation. I like to think I take better care of myself.

But of course, I pushed through the shame and quickly thumbed a funny facebook post.

But then I started the real work.

A koan had been presented to me. What do I need to let go of in my life? What am I holding onto so tightly? How do I open space in my body and in my life and in my spirit?

For some time I have been aware of my talent for Holding. As a Public Defender, I bear witness to awful traumatic things. My clients often tell me about the darkest moment in their life: their wounds, their fears, their grief. I have looked at countless autopsy photos and Sexual Assault examination reports. I have visited the scenes of many murders. I have spent a great deal of time in prisons and jails. I have hugged the family members of my clients as they cry when I tell them how bad the situation really is.

I hold things.

I hold space, I hold confidences, I hold secrets, I hold pain.

As public defender colleagues, we are allowed to share stories (attorney-client privilege doesn’t apply to law partners in the same firm), but I can’t and don’t tell others. Mostly because it’s just too sad and I don’t like being a “downer” and I don’t want to burden others. But also because I don’t like to talk about it; it hurts.

Fortunately, I also seem to have a talent for processing and digesting this dark energy, and turning it into Love and

Positivity, which I am delighted to then share.

I use this energy to fuel my body, and it turns out that I make a LOT of energy.

However, it is now quite clear that this process, though powerful, is something less than 100% efficient.

And so I got full.

Full of shit. Full of pain. Full of holding.

It was time to deal with it.

After a strong laxative did nothing, on Thursday I got a colonic: colon hydro-therapy.

(And once again, here is the TMI disclosure!)

I went to a colon therapy place, and the technician put a tube up my ass and then pumped me full of warm water.

She then firmly but gently massaged the water out of my gut, and repeated 4 times.

In the process I released a lot of stuff.

This is part is crazy. My normal weight is 200 lbs, and the day after the therapy, I weighed in at 193!!! Yikes!!!

Admittedly, I had eaten little all week due to the pain, but still: I definitely released 5-6 lbs of poop!

And more: during the 45 minute session, I also very consciously let go of a lot of other things too.

I chose to let go of the weight of the world on my shoulders. I chose to let go of the sadness of my clients and their families and the victims of the crimes. I chose to let go of my need to fix everything. I chose to let go of my guilt for not doing enough. I chose to let go of everything. I let my body relax on a deep molecular level.
I believe that I experienced in a small way what my death will feel like. A letting go of every thing.

What bliss that will be! What relief! What a blessing!


I felt light of foot, and I looked different! My face was thinner. My belly was flat. My acne-prone skin was clear. My back felt better. Even my annoying plantar fascitis got better.

But the big shift is in my soul. I begn to feel free.

Free of fear. Free of shame. Free of the burdens of the world.
A huge space has opened up inside me and Love from everywhere is rushing in to fill it. I am brimming over with joy and acceptance and gratitude.

I am ready to fill this space with the cosmos. ‘Cause its in there anyway and I was just kidding myself about that all along.

I don’t need a ticket to the cosmos of course, but I would sure like to get one to this show.

thanks for all the work,


Fallen Cosmos Essay: The Horrible Confluence

As promised here is first post of many… the wonderful essays we received from the Fallen Cosmos Essay contest!

The Horrible Confluence

I write to tell you of a horrible confluence of misjudgement and disappointments.

Truly, it is all my fault.

When the Cosmos were just beginning to look as if they might Fall, I was in quite dire straits and did not have much to contribute to its saving. I gave as much as I could at the time in any case, which was not enough for a ticket. I assumed, however incorrectly, that I would be able to add to my contribution at a later point, as so often this is the case. I then alerted the dear friend with whom I experienced All Worlds Fair to this oncoming calamity, and that we might perhaps experience this together as well.

She bought me a ticket, but alas, I find myself now unable to produce hers. I keep getting Decrees from the Governor, but have not had the opportunity to fill out a survey or contribute more in order to bring my dear friend to experience this multiverse-altering experience, the Falling of the Cosmos themselves.

She will be so very disappointed! Please, if there is any possibility that I might rectify my gross misjudgement and bring my beloved friend to witness this event, I beg you help me.

Forever your humble servant,