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Lee Van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis Gallery Tour!

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During the Decent into Madness event we have installed in the gallery Lee van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis: an in depth interpretation (of thousands of interpretations available on the painting) of Hieronymus Boschs’ iconic painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. The interpretation is so complex, you need a guide to take you through it and answer your questions!

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Photos of the Fallen Cosmos

Fallen Cosmos was an amazing experience and we are thankful for all who made it happen and all who attended. We very purposefully disallowed phones and cameras among attendees to ensure a truly immersive experience. We did have official photographers, each of them extremely talented, for each of the show nights:

Selected Photos from all the amazing Photographers

Gift a Ticket to the Fallen Cosmos Encore Performance!

pig and friend (photo by Michelle Yodor)

Many tickets were gifted to people during the Fallen Cosmos Kickstarter and many more where gifted for our preview show. We even had an essay contest which we awarded tickets to anyone who entered the contest. Then those who came to those first shows gifted on to others for our Final Encore show.

It has been said that this method is insular. We want to give anyone the ability to give the gift of an experience. To this end we are releasing fifty more tickets to our final show this Friday, February 13th, to those who can answer this riddle…

Benjamin Winters, the consultant for the notorious African blood wine merchants, left the Heart of Asmodeus in his will to a certain person. This same person will have a chance to be reborn from the womb of things and escape from the Heart of Asmodeus at the Fallen Cosmos. What is their name?

A clue can be found in the Secrets of Fallen Cosmos Revealed Part 2 Once you have the answer you can fill in their name in to complete the link below and buy a ticket for another as a gift. of person in riddle)

There is only one final encore performance of the Fallen Cosmos this Friday February 13th. We hope you bestow this experience on someone dear to you by buying them a ticket… 

(photo by Michelle Yodor)

Artist Call Out For Friday 13th Encore Show of Fallen Cosmos!

Fallen Cosmos Monk (photo by Michelle Yoder)

We are seeking a few new volunteers for our Friday 13th Encore Showing of Fallen Cosmos!

As you already know, our shows for the weekend of February 6th and 7th were postponed due to rain. We had no choice in this as the venue was totally flooded. Our intention was to re-boot the shows the following weekend and hope that everyone’s schedules could accomodate.

Instead of doing two shows, one of which would collide with Valentines Day, we have decided to focus all our efforts on making the Friday 13th show the best Fallen Cosmos yet! We are inviting even more artists to come and bring their creative vision or just to join in the fun!

Contact to join in the mysterious enigmatic fun!

(Photo by Michelle Yoder)

Fallen Cosmos Rain Postponement

Travelers to the Fallen Cosmos:

Last week, as the clock ticked midnight, nearly 1200 people had an experience that you, to, will soon have. Glass slippers were left on tables that lacked perspective, Prince Charming was led to the guillotine, and an angelic chorus competed with lust filled demons for the souls they left behind. A New Self was born.

We hope you are looking forward to the experience, but we regret to tell you that climactic conditions this weekend are forcing us to postpone this work of art and destiny. Some say it is the work of The Legion of Shame, using Big Data to affect the weather. Others say it would simply be less fun if you were to come to The Fallen Cosmos in rain ponchos and have to wade through three inches of water that might be connected to electrical equipment. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Regardless: this weekend’s shows are postponed, with our apologies.

At present, we anticipate The Fallen Cosmos to resume on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th.

We know this could be inconvenient: the world often conspires against its own profoundest experiences. But we hope you’ll stay with us: you are invited to The Fallen Cosmos because someone went out of their way to give you a gift. Not just to think about you, but to take a concrete step, making a sacrifice because they wanted you to have this experience. Rest assured, we’ll be here to make their wish come true.

Elspeth sends her love:

The New Beacons of Ur

The Gift of Fallen Cosmos

We did something amazing last weekend.

Fourteen hundred people received a gift. They did not know what that gift would be. Neither did the people who gave them the gift. But they found themselves immersed in an interactive environment that contained the splendor of heaven, the Bacchanalia of hell, and everything in between – and not one of them paid a dime to be there.

All of the people who attended “The Fallen Cosmos” were gifted their tickets – either by participants in the event or someone who funded the Kickstarter. No one could buy a ticket for themself.

What does this sort of economy look like? Behold, it is written in the stars.

The gifting infographic was made by super-genius tech guy Dustin Selman. Each dot is either a person who received or gave a ticket. Each line shows the path of giving. Gifting makes great constellations, don’t you think?

Do you wonder what exactly this gift was?

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility is proud to announce that we will be giving an ENCORE PERFORMANCE of “The Fallen Cosmos” this coming weekend – Feb 6 and 7.

Perhaps you’ve heard this and are wondering how to buy a ticket? Well, we are standing firm! You cannot buy a ticket for yourself. We are currently only selling tickets to people who went to the experience or have helped create the show. Each of them have access to a secret URL that will allow them to buy a ticket.

If you would like to experience “The Fallen Cosmos” we suggest you find someone who attended the show, supported the Kickstarter, or participated in the event and be especially nice to them, to convince them that you are worthy of such a gift.
We will keep updating the gifting graphic as the week continues.

We hope to see your name recorded among the stars.

PS. Here are a few reviews from this past weekend:

“People. Go. You need to experience this… I was blown away. Fucking magical. Completely twisted. This kind of shit is why we live in the bay area.”
– John R

“It was just fantastic. 10% county fair, 5% Maker Faire, 10% scavenger hunt, 20% Cirque Du Soleil, 10% immersive theatre, 5% flashmob, 10% practical joke, 15% masquerade ball, 15% Crash Worship show.”
– Jason W

“Alice-in-Wonderland experience, where you wandered from one surprise to the next.”
– John L

 “Fucking delightful. The art school kid in me wept in happiness”

Secret Symbology in Corporate Heraldry – part 4: The invisible prison of LinkedIn

PrintA Fallen Cosmos Exclusive

This is part of our ongoing series on the occult workings of major tech companies.  Previous  entries include Google, AirBnB, and Twitter.

The symbology of being linked, or chained, seems too obvious to explicate at length here.  To the extent its even mildly controversial that an organization named “LinkedIn” has a sinister agenda, it shouldn’t be.

But it is worth pointing out that the name is shown as the corporate logo with the word “Linked” free-standing and the word “in” encased within a box.

Following the natural reading progression of moving from left (Linked) to right (in), we see that once one has been Linked (upper case) one is then in (lower case). (more…)

Secret Symbology in Corporate Heraldry – part 3: The acidic monoism of Twitter

Birds of the OccultA Fallen Cosmos Exclusive


At first seeming to be nothing more than a harmless pictoform from children’s books or cartoons for juvenile consumption, the Twitter logo is the silhouette of a tiny bird, a short-billed finch or wren, and is as disarming and innocuous as any image ever might appear, when taken up by a contemporary mind pelted with an overwhelming and bewildering succession of graphic memes in every hour.

However, a study of Alchemical symbol forms from the Canadian Journal of Comparative Mythology points to the representation of short-billed, non-raptorial birds as representative of spirits, not process.  The Twitter symbol is not what it seems. (more…)

Fallen Cosmos Essay: Lazy essay

This essay while labeled “Lazy Essay” is certainly anything but Lazy

The Essay Contest ends this Friday at Midnight!

During the Vietnam War, I was stationed on a U.S. destroyer in the Pacific. One morning I was having breakfast in the officers’ lounge when the OPS (Operations Officer) dragged himself through the double doors. This guy was the archetype of a non-morning person. Still half asleep and bleary eyed, he sat down in his customary spot with a coffee and bagel. Soon however, the morning sun is blazing in through one of the portholes, putting a big circle of light right in his face. He’s squinting and taking tiny slurps and slowly coming alive like a bear emerging from winter hibernation. It’s a painful sight.

But then I see the zombie-OPS slowly pick up the phone and dials the bridge. In his familiar not-really-awake-yet voice, he says, “Heeey… it’s OPS. Could you… shift our barpat… yeah, one six five. Thanks.” And puts down the phone. Then he just sits there, squinting and waiting. Ever so slowly, I realize that the big, blazing spot of sun has begun to slide off the zombie’s unshaven mug and onto the wall behind him. After a few moments it clears his face and he blinks slowly a few times.

Watching from a nearby table, the brilliant display of laziness I’ve just witnessed begins to overwhelm me. By ordering the bridge to adjust our ship’s zig-zag patrol pattern by about a dozen degrees, he’s altered its course just enough to reposition himself in the shade. He’s literally redirected thousands of tons of steel and hundreds of people so that he could get the sun out of his eyes while he drinks his coffee. I am awestruck. As he fumbles with applying cream cheese, I am torn by the fear that he may never be fully cognizant of his own epic genius, since he won’t truly be present to the world for another hour or so. But just as he bites into the bagel, our eyes meet and he gives me a faint, sly grin.

This is not actually my story. It was told to me by a little bird who used to be a dragon (an antiquated term for a naval officer), in exchange for a candy cane. So I’m passing it along to you, hopefully in exchange for a ticket to Fallen Cosmos.



Fallen Cosmos Essay: Cosmically Falling, Failing Cryptically

Some serious mumbo jumbo in this essay!
BTW the Fallen Cosmos Essay Contest ends Friday 23rd at midnight!
To the remaining disciples of magic,

This message has been encrypted to satisfy my growing paranoia and to avoid the prying eyes of the supreme toxin of the universe: Lord Asmodeus and his minions, the Urs.

Intuition tells me that a NEW/OLD fairy tale will supplant the ages of Tribes, Law, Reason and Technology.
In this fair City of fArts and InnoFlagellation, a night of delightfully desperate doom-laden disciples will descend into the pit of pernicious pusillanimity, only to rise again and succumb to the power of positivity and playfulness. They will then be able to create anew all the best that has gone before and fertilize the creative inspiration for the anarchic times ahead.

You betcha.

To be Fallen, one must have risen.
“Erit in exemplum cunctis potentibus”
An example shall be made of the mighty.