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Camp Tipsy

Special Note about Camp Tipsy 2019

OK, big new changes for Camp Tipsy 2019 tickets…

We are hearing that Tipsy is too expensive for some folks and as a non-profit driven, community-based event- we hate that. Our collective mission is to make Tipsy more accessible but we can’t do it for less money (costs keep rising, in this last year alone the rent on our storage DOUBLED) so we decided to try something new! Check out our new ticket price structure below. It’s HEAVILY dependent on people who have the means to provide counter balance to those less blessed (but quite often who’s contributions are come in other forms).

Here’s what we hope to do:

  • General Admission Tickets will drop by 1/3rd to $125!
    • We hope to sell these to those who need to be more financially conservative and/or who don’t know if Tipsy is for them and feel a higher ticket price is a barrier to trying it out.
  • Kids tickets will cost 50% of General Admission, $62.50
  • Patron Tickets will be $250, $2,500 & $25,000
    • Patron Tickets will offset the costs of General Admission Tickets. Since many fine camping events cost $300-$600 or more so we know many in our community are blessed with the means to chip in extra for an event they love. If you can please do! Don’t let us tell you what this event is worth… you tell us!
    • $250 patron tickets gets you the knowledge that you paid extra to open the gates for others to come. We hope to sell 100 of the these.
    • $2,500 Super Patron tickets– Purchase one of these and you get free entry to Tipsy for life. We hope to sell 10 of these.
    • $25,000 UBER Patron Ticket– Purchase this and you get to come to Tipsy for life with 9 of you friends. We hope to sell just one of these.

There will also be the usual early entry tickets available to get you in before the gates open. We HIGHLY recommend coming as early as you can to get the most out of your boat building experience! Live entertainment starts on Tuesday night.

This is us responding to your feedback! Let’s see if this works, we think it will! If this fails, we’ll go back to our old ways but this year, let’s seriously try to make Tipsy more accessible… and for dogs sake, lets do away with the flash sales, specials, early birds and discounts.

Patron tickets go on sale first! We’ll open up the others in early 2019.

Your First Chance to get CHEAP TICKETS to Camp Tipsy!!!

Camp Tipsy is all about showing up and making magical things out of re-purposed materials.

So in that spirit, this year we’re only offering the cheapest level tickets to Camp Tipsy 2018 to people who show up!

Come have dinner with us!  We’ll make food for you, provide entertainment, talk about how to make boats of out junk, and show some amazing photos and videos from last year!

Never been to Camp Tipsy?  Come out and see what it’s all about!

Love Camp Tipsy?  Bring all the friends who you think should be there!

Our Early Bird Ticket Supper Club is:

Wednesday, Oct. 11

7:30 – 10:30

At the San Francisco Institute of Possibility building: 3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA 94110-460

These events are the only way to get the Early Bird tickets to Camp Tipsy!

In October, our musical headliner will be Daniel Fries the Flamenco player !

Get Tickets Here!

Join the Camp Tipsy Facebook Community here!


Camp Tipsy At East Bay Maker Faire This Sunday!

It’s fun to build a boat! Even on dry land!

This Sunday we are going to be at East Bay Maker Faire as Camp Tipsy with a pile of junk asking any and all to help us build boat — even though we are on dry land!

Come Join Us!

East Bay Maker Faire
Sunday Oct 23rd 10 a.m.—5 p.m.
Park Day School + Studio One Arts Center
360 42nd Street. (@ Opal)
Temescal district, Oakland

Discount tickets!
15% off tickets. Go to and then plug the code TIPY

Camp Tipsy 2016 Survey

Hello there,

Camp Tipsy 2016 was hands down the best Camp Tipsy yet. We were able to spend some time on aesthetics, and really design a beautiful camp. It was also better organized, safer, and more interesting than years previous. Having a full lake is great, too! Unfortunately, Camp Tipsy 2016 was not a financial success. If you would like to review our budget here, you can see h ow we spend our money. Read em and weep guys! We lost $8,000 of money calculated, plus tools, consumables, and other stuff not calculated.

If there are any of you out there who would like to help us get closer to breaking even, you can go to our shopify store and either get a t-shirt or a hoodie. If your pockets are deep and your heart is big and you’d like to atone for all of those awful things you’ve done, you can give us a straight up donation by paypal to or write a check and pop it in the mail to 3359 Cesar Chavez, SF CA 94110.

Also to consider: the RV park in Ladoga in which we store “The Pile” changed ownership this last year. The new owner had some specific ideas on how he wanted our pile contained. Long story short, it cost around $12,000 in materials and shipping containers and labor… but the good news is that delicate stuff is now out of the weather and we have secure storage for equipment, tools, etc. Adding this to the deficit of ticket sales gives us a total negative balance of -$20,081.


So a lot of people don’t realize that Camp Tipsy is thrown by three people. It’s just me, Jimmy, and Peter. Anne-Marie is our cat-herding admin, and we had a couple helpers for clean-up this year, but otherwise the three of us were there for 23 days with no days off– everyday was at least a 12 hour day, some of them were 20 hour days. We love it. But moving forward, we have to have more fiduciary responsible and we need more help, whether it is paid help or volunteers. It’s just too abusive on our bodies to continue with this model. Please review the budget and feel free to open up a dialogue if there’s anything in there that you think is egregious or underdeveloped.


We are already planning Camp Tipsy 2017 and want to make it as golden as it can be– would you mind filling out our quick survey? 8 questions, one page- it’ll take 2 minutes!


Camp Tipsy 2016 went off without an argument, an injury, and the forklift didn’t break once. So congratulations to all of us. Good show!


I see Camp Tipsy as a possibility engine. It’s a device that uses Chaos to manufacture magic moments that change the world. You can’t buy that.  You can’t buy magic moments.  But you can buy a t-shirt, make a donation, help us break even, you can help us create a small place in the world where everyone has a chance to build the world’s best terrible boats out of garbage with their friends and families.  Tell me that’s not the best offer you’re going to get all week…



chicken john

The Lake Is Beautiful! You Should See It!

The Lake! The Sky! You have to come see it!

If you were in any small way on the fence about coming to Camp Tipsy this year, do it!!! Come! It’s shaping up to an amazing year already! The Teeter Totter is already in the water and the Shop is already set up. But most of all the lake is just stunning with so many great camp sites (with tree shade even) right on the water!

It’s not too late to get a ticket and come. Come tomorrow or come on Wednesday or Thursday when most people show or hell even Friday, whatever just come. You won’t regret it!

Yay Boats!

Buy A Ticket

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Camp Tipsy 2016

Camp Tipsy Tickets are here!

We are now selling “early bird” tickets for $120. Soon, they will sell out and there will only be “General Admission” tickets for $160 until May 20th. Then the dreaded “Top Tier” tickets will kick in for $180.

tickets are here:

Why are we doing tiered ticketing? #1 Because ALL the expenses we incur happen before the event & #2 we want people to commit EARLY! The more of you that commit the more of your friends come the happier we all are because as our sales swell our art/entertainment budget swells as well. And this year we really want to pay the people who come and work for a month. A MONTH!!!

So get your early bird tickets soon, when they sell out they are gone. At your option, you could also chose to buy another ticket if you are flush with cash and want to help out.

Tipsy is going to be bigger this year, I can tell just by how many tickets we have already sold. It’s going to take a little more organizing and it’s going to be way more fun. The lake is totally full, and all the other reservoirs are as well, so it will stay full.




Everyhere Logistics

Help bring art to everywhere!

Support their kickstarter even if it’s only $1!

So Everyhere Logistics is as they say “Building art community, one box truck at a time.” This isn’t an SFIOP art project — we got our hands full with Camp Tipsy and dreaming up the next amazing thing after Fallen Cosmos — but we we at SFIOP solid support anyone building an art community.

It’s a ridiculously ambitious art project — but who are we to mock people with ridiculously ambitious ideas??? They are taking art box trucks on the road from NY and SF stopping off at various cities along the way and meeting in the middle. Each city will sponsor their own Night Market with a host of art trucks that they will join up with. My partner Tess has her very own adorable Jr Rangers art truck (shown above) which she will be taking.

They have a Kickstarter going right now and it’s going well but they could use more help. It’s all over this Tuesday 30th. I encourage everyone to check out the project and donate, even if you can only donate $! But if you can/want to donate more there are a lot of great rewards.

Personally I’ve offered up my graphic design logo services. If you weren’t aware weird logos for weird art projects is one of my bailiwicks. You may know of my old project Balsa Man which I designed all the various logos for. I also created the logo for Dance Dance Immolation and the Prim & Proper Lady’s Etiquette Society among others. So if you want me to design a solid quality logo for your art project or band and have a $1000 then donate to their Kickstarter and pick that reward!

So donate today (Kickstarter is over this Tuesday) even if it’s only $1!

Donate to Everyhere Logistics Kickstarter

Camp Tipsy Is Shaping Up!

Chicken and others are already shuttling up the sounds system and the workshop and all the crap it takes to put this event on. I’m going to be heading up on Sunday and I’m excited to leave the city. If you don’t have tickets yet get them while their hot!

Get Your Tipsy Tickets!

Come early and help!

Anyone who can come help set up the campsite this weekend would be loved greatly. Right now it’s just a handful of people working their ass off. Even if you can’t be up there the entire week, how about just coming up for the weekend to give a hand? Plus you can stake out your campsite before the hordes arrive.

P.S. Yes there is still water

Lake Lodoga is currently at 23652 AF which is nearly 3x what it was last year. Also yes there are some trees for camping under but we still recommend bringing shade if you can — and sunscreen! We’ll likely run out of shade trees and it’s likely be hot, if last year’s temperature is any indication.


We Made Our Kickstarter! And Water Report

Yay! We made our Kickstarter!

Now help us hit our stretch goals!

We already hit one stretch goal — the Summer School Makerboat! We will are now in sight of our next stretch goal: Charlie Gabeken’s Flaming Hearts as seen above.

Help Fund More Tipsy Art!

Water Report

Current Water level in Ladoga Lake is still good 27505 AF, which is comparable to 2013’s 28000 AF and well above last year’s 8000 AF (source CA Dept of Water). But if you don’t believe numbers here are photos from the Once Upon a Time festival that was just this past weekend at the same spot!

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Mermaid Show For Kids At Camp Tipsy!

Mermaid show for kids at Camp Tipsy!

Hear the siren call of Camp Tipsy! The Mermaid Atlantis and her pod will be present to provide entertainment for all the younger fishies in camp. Splashy family entertainment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Friday — Magic and Singalong Hour (in the shade)
  • Saturday — Fairy Tea Party Hour (in the shade)
  • Sunday — Scavenger Hunt to Mermaid Island – Come swim with a pod of mermaids! (in the water)

For kids of all ages. Magic, crafts and storytelling. Sunday is fun in the water. Please have kids ready for action (sunblock, floaties etc…) This is a parent/kid thing, this is NOT a drop kid off thing. We value and encourage parent participation. Bring a camera on Sunday to get a shot of your kid putting their heads in the mouth of a hydra!!!!

Mermaid Atlantis YouTube Channel

Mermaid Atlantis Web Site

Remember kids admission is FREE to Camp Tipsy!

Buy Your Ticket!