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Help Support A Book All On Art And Other Messy Collaborations!

The messy world of collaboration

You may have heard that Chicken John is writing a new book. This book isn’t a technically project of the SFIOP but it does involve everything the SFIOP stands for. Much of the writing of this book is informed by the wonderful art events put on by the SFIOP including the All Worlds Fair and Fallen Cosmos. In fact the cover of the book is taken from the wonderful Fallen Cosmos Interactive Gifting Graphic created by Arnold Weidinger and Dustin Selman!

So I encourage you to support the writing of this book and get your own copy! The kickstarter has just now pasted the halfway point and new rewards have just been added:

  • Zoli will do an operatic singing telegram anywhere in the Bay Area!!!!
  • $100 coupons from Flora Grubb Gardens!!!!
  • Free admission to Tourettes without Regrets for a year!!!
  • Last Gasp shopping spree!!!!

Support the Kickstarter and get the book!