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Camp Tipsy: More Fun Than You Can Shake a Mizzanmast at!

Yeah, this happened

Yeah, this happened

Picture a yacht.  Picture a whole harbor full of yachts. Big fancy things, million dollar boats.  Boats that are chromed and polished and full of every iGadget on the market.  Everyone there is trying to one-up each other:   who’s is the biggest, whose is the shiniest, whose is the most expensive.

And then … we pull into the harbor, piloting a boat made of garbage.

That’s right:  garbage.  Completely recycled materials.  Unique in all the world:  there will never be another boat like it.

And all eyes turn on us now.  And every jaw drops.  Because our boat, which we built with our bare hands out of stuff from the dump for almost nothing, is cooler.  It’s WAY more interesting.  And everybody in the million dollar boats wants to know:  “how did they do that?”

That’s happened.  Repeatedly.

Now imagine a small armada of these boats, every one unique, each one made of re-used parts, out on a lake.  A great fleet of home-made boats out on the water:  one of them with swings, one of them with a Jacuzzi, one of them featuring a cabaret, all out on the water together.

Now imagine one of them’s yours.

That’s Camp Tipsy.

Come camp with us.  We’ll build a whole fleet of boats out of recycled materials.  We’ll sail together.  There will be music, value-less prizes for boats, and more fun than you can shake a mizzen mast at.

  • Camp Tipsy 2013 is from Thursday June 20 to Sunday June 23.
  • Thursday entertainment is a fireside sing-along with chantymaster Benjamin Wachs!
  • Friday night entertainment will include flamenco band Tres Paz.
  • Saturday night’s headlining musical guest is Sean Hayes.
  • Boat contest Sunday at noon.

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