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Camp Tipsy Is Shaping Up!

Chicken and others are already shuttling up the sounds system and the workshop and all the crap it takes to put this event on. I’m going to be heading up on Sunday and I’m excited to leave the city. If you don’t have tickets yet get them while their hot!

Get Your Tipsy Tickets!

Come early and help!

Anyone who can come help set up the campsite this weekend would be loved greatly. Right now it’s just a handful of people working their ass off. Even if you can’t be up there the entire week, how about just coming up for the weekend to give a hand? Plus you can stake out your campsite before the hordes arrive.

P.S. Yes there is still water

Lake Lodoga is currently at 23652 AF which is nearly 3x what it was last year. Also yes there are some trees for camping under but we still recommend bringing shade if you can — and sunscreen! We’ll likely run out of shade trees and it’s likely be hot, if last year’s temperature is any indication.


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