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Camp Tipsy is shaping up to be awesome!

Word from Chicken and crew that are building Camp Tipsy…

It’s really beautiful up here. Serene. Tranquil. I love to camp. Get out in the great outdoors and set up my drill press and punch 1/2″ holes in steel to make a rudder for a paddleboat. There is nothing quite like the sound of a belt sander as a deer crosses the lake in the distance. We are moving piles and piles of bullshit into position so you can come up here and show those people at the Makers’ Faire they are just a bunch of show offs. Do you know what the most buoyant material known to man is? Bullshit. It floats. I can prove it to you, step by step. Today we are building the crew kitchen and the stage that will host the awesome musical acts we have.

Speaking of musical acts check out the schedule!

Tuesday — Crew Night

Members of the crew entertain the crowd

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Wednesday: Karaoke Katastrophe with Paul DeJong

KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco!SF Deco Lounge Costume Karaoke

Thursday: Goth Night!!! Eliza Rickman

Goth make overs with Polly Superstar and friends of Kinky Salon and the awesome “bummer pop” ™ sounds of Eliza Rickman. She plays a toy piano and sings like a siren.

Friday: Flamenco ALL NIGHT LONG with Trio Paz!!!!

(ok, maybe not all night…) This is the band we had last year. They are totally awesome!

Saturday: Boat Contest! Jason Webley! Petroljvic Blasting Company!

Boat contest is Saturday 2:00 pm this year, not Sunday. Come early. Sunday is clean up day. Take time off work, come up early in the week and hang out with us. You won’t be sorry.

Jason Webley, the awesome Accordion guy, yes. But his new show is more tender. He opens for Balkan greats the Petroljvic Blasting Company!!!!

All also week long…


  • Artist Jeremy Burmeister is bringing to Camp Tipsy this year, his very rare and fully restored 1930’s Fully Automated Fortune Telling Booth.
  • Camp Titsy is building a “boat-in” movie theatre.
  • Peep is doing a real Hot Tub Boat.
  • There are dance drill teams.
  • International “Silver Booty” Space Camp
  • A moon boat.
  • Of course Paul da Plummers’ Ferris Wheel Boat (now with giant pontoons!!!!)
  • and so much more. I can’t even remember all of it…

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be 2 baristas on site in the Ritual Spudnik trailer giving away FREE COFFEE from 8 to 11 in the mornings!!!!! See how much we love you?!?!?!

Camp Report

The camp is different this year because the lake is lower. Tons of flat spots. It’s not as cramped. It’s a good spot. It’s kinda rocky. Bring shoes of flip flops if you feet are tender.

The pile is totally out of control. It’s a mini landfill that we carry around with us. Please feel free to bring stuff to add to the pile. We are lacking in fabrics this year

There is a really good spot for kids to go in the water. Shallow for a good long way. Bring the shade right in the water. Boom.

Tickets for Camp Tipsy

The Sacramento Bee has listed Tipsy this year. They said it starts not he 14th. So we don’t have to worry about any of those people ruining our party.

The Bold Italic did an article on us.

Camp Tipsy is shaping up to be everything it could be for this year. I’m totally blissful about it…

– chicken john

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