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Camp Tipsy 2016

Camp Tipsy Tickets are here!

We are now selling “early bird” tickets for $120. Soon, they will sell out and there will only be “General Admission” tickets for $160 until May 20th. Then the dreaded “Top Tier” tickets will kick in for $180.

tickets are here:

Why are we doing tiered ticketing? #1 Because ALL the expenses we incur happen before the event & #2 we want people to commit EARLY! The more of you that commit the more of your friends come the happier we all are because as our sales swell our art/entertainment budget swells as well. And this year we really want to pay the people who come and work for a month. A MONTH!!!

So get your early bird tickets soon, when they sell out they are gone. At your option, you could also chose to buy another ticket if you are flush with cash and want to help out.

Tipsy is going to be bigger this year, I can tell just by how many tickets we have already sold. It’s going to take a little more organizing and it’s going to be way more fun. The lake is totally full, and all the other reservoirs are as well, so it will stay full.




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