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Camp Tipsy 2016 Survey

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Hello there,

Camp Tipsy 2016 was hands down the best Camp Tipsy yet. We were able to spend some time on aesthetics, and really design a beautiful camp. It was also better organized, safer, and more interesting than years previous. Having a full lake is great, too! Unfortunately, Camp Tipsy 2016 was not a financial success. If you would like to review our budget here, you can see h ow we spend our money. Read em and weep guys! We lost $8,000 of money calculated, plus tools, consumables, and other stuff not calculated.

If there are any of you out there who would like to help us get closer to breaking even, you can go to our shopify store and either get a t-shirt or a hoodie. If your pockets are deep and your heart is big and you’d like to atone for all of those awful things you’ve done, you can give us a straight up donation by paypal to or write a check and pop it in the mail to 3359 Cesar Chavez, SF CA 94110.

Also to consider: the RV park in Ladoga in which we store “The Pile” changed ownership this last year. The new owner had some specific ideas on how he wanted our pile contained. Long story short, it cost around $12,000 in materials and shipping containers and labor… but the good news is that delicate stuff is now out of the weather and we have secure storage for equipment, tools, etc. Adding this to the deficit of ticket sales gives us a total negative balance of -$20,081.


So a lot of people don’t realize that Camp Tipsy is thrown by three people. It’s just me, Jimmy, and Peter. Anne-Marie is our cat-herding admin, and we had a couple helpers for clean-up this year, but otherwise the three of us were there for 23 days with no days off– everyday was at least a 12 hour day, some of them were 20 hour days. We love it. But moving forward, we have to have more fiduciary responsible and we need more help, whether it is paid help or volunteers. It’s just too abusive on our bodies to continue with this model. Please review the budget and feel free to open up a dialogue if there’s anything in there that you think is egregious or underdeveloped.


We are already planning Camp Tipsy 2017 and want to make it as golden as it can be– would you mind filling out our quick survey? 8 questions, one page- it’ll take 2 minutes!


Camp Tipsy 2016 went off without an argument, an injury, and the forklift didn’t break once. So congratulations to all of us. Good show!


I see Camp Tipsy as a possibility engine. It’s a device that uses Chaos to manufacture magic moments that change the world. You can’t buy that.  You can’t buy magic moments.  But you can buy a t-shirt, make a donation, help us break even, you can help us create a small place in the world where everyone has a chance to build the world’s best terrible boats out of garbage with their friends and families.  Tell me that’s not the best offer you’re going to get all week…



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