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Help us free San Francisco’s skies from advertising!

It's coming to your skies - unless you do something!

It’s coming to your skies – unless you do something!

Look, at the rate things are going it’s just a matter of time before an energy drink hires a fleet of planes to fly around San Francisco pulling messages like “Feel the Rush!” and “Gives hackers the 24 hour energy boost they need to innovate!”

Do you really want that?  I mean, what’s the damn point of living in a city with beautiful views of they bay if those views are constantly blocked by advertising?

You know it’s coming.

BUT … in response to a question by a member of the SFIOP board, Supervisor Jane Kim and Supervisor John Avalos are proposing a ban on “the use of aircraft, self-propelled, or buoyant objects to display any sign or advertising device in airspace over the City and County of San Francisco.”

That’s right:  advertising free skies!  When you look out your window you’ll see mountains, bridges, and coastal waters, rather than hashtags for the social media campaigns of snack food companies!


Advertising free skies!

You want it?  Come get it!

There’s hearing on the proposal this Monday (July 22), at the 1:30 p.m. meeting of the Land Use and Economic Development Committee.  Wanna come?  Wanna tell the supervisors “Give us ad free skies!”  Participate in Democracy!  Make your voice heard!  Maybe get lunch afterwards!

Then come out to the meeting!  Support this measure!  Call your supervisor’s office:  tell to keep our airspace open!  Email the entire Board of Supervisors at, reference file #130744, and tell them you want advertising free skies!

Then come out to the meeting (1:30, this Monday, City Hall) and join us!

It could be a while (the measure is #7 on the docket) – so we’ll bring snacks!

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