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Photo Booth Photos From Descent Into Madness!

Decent into Madness was Magical!

If you missed the amazing Boschian parade of abominations you can relive some of the magic from that night by checking out the photos from the Garden of Earthly Delights Photo Booth!

Check out the Photo Booth photo gallery!

Thanks to SnapFiesta for setting up and taking the photos. Also thanks to everyone who marched in the Parade of Abominations and thanks to all the guests who came and took part. Some of you came dressed up in great outfits where it was hard to tell the performers from the audience which we loved. Also thanks to all of you who jumped at the chance to paintings from the walls at the end of the night!

Lee Van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis Gallery Tour!

Sign up for a Lee van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis Gallery Tour!

During the Decent into Madness event we have installed in the gallery Lee van Laer’s Esoteric Analysis: an in depth interpretation (of thousands of interpretations available on the painting) of Hieronymus Boschs’ iconic painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. The interpretation is so complex, you need a guide to take you through it and answer your questions!

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Sign up for a Esoteric Analysis Gallery Tour!

Descent Into Madness – THERE WILL BE A PARADE!

What have we learned about the power of art to not only change individual lives, but serve as an organizing principle of organizations?

Descent Into Madness, an event produced by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility, will provide the answer to that question in two forms:

  1.  A book
  2.  A parade

This may be the first time in history that a parade will be used as a pedagogical technique to answer questions about the principles of social organizing … or honestly just about anything else.

But we’re doing it, with concepts taken from decades of collective experience in art and community organizing, along with costumes from the SFIOP’s epic “Fallen Cosmos” event.

You’ll learn everything you need to know, in parade form.

The event is free for anyone who contributed to the “Book of the UN” Kickstarter.  Otherwise it’s $20 at the door, and you get a free advance copy of The Book of the UN, written by SFIOP executive director Chicken John Rinaldi, and edited by SFIOP Board Chairman Benjamin Wachs.

Here’s the details:

  • WHEN:  Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016, beginning at 8 p.m. and running late
  • WHERE:  111 Minna Gallery, in San Franciso
  • WHAT:  Expect a street fair, gallery tours, bizzare happening, the pre-release of a book that will change your life, and – oh yeah – A PARADE!  DID WE TELL YOU ABOUT THE PARADE?


If you didn’t contribute to the Book of the UN Kickstarter, then, get your tickets here!

Camp Tipsy 2016 Survey

Hello there,

Camp Tipsy 2016 was hands down the best Camp Tipsy yet. We were able to spend some time on aesthetics, and really design a beautiful camp. It was also better organized, safer, and more interesting than years previous. Having a full lake is great, too! Unfortunately, Camp Tipsy 2016 was not a financial success. If you would like to review our budget here, you can see h ow we spend our money. Read em and weep guys! We lost $8,000 of money calculated, plus tools, consumables, and other stuff not calculated.

If there are any of you out there who would like to help us get closer to breaking even, you can go to our shopify store and either get a t-shirt or a hoodie. If your pockets are deep and your heart is big and you’d like to atone for all of those awful things you’ve done, you can give us a straight up donation by paypal to or write a check and pop it in the mail to 3359 Cesar Chavez, SF CA 94110.

Also to consider: the RV park in Ladoga in which we store “The Pile” changed ownership this last year. The new owner had some specific ideas on how he wanted our pile contained. Long story short, it cost around $12,000 in materials and shipping containers and labor… but the good news is that delicate stuff is now out of the weather and we have secure storage for equipment, tools, etc. Adding this to the deficit of ticket sales gives us a total negative balance of -$20,081.


So a lot of people don’t realize that Camp Tipsy is thrown by three people. It’s just me, Jimmy, and Peter. Anne-Marie is our cat-herding admin, and we had a couple helpers for clean-up this year, but otherwise the three of us were there for 23 days with no days off– everyday was at least a 12 hour day, some of them were 20 hour days. We love it. But moving forward, we have to have more fiduciary responsible and we need more help, whether it is paid help or volunteers. It’s just too abusive on our bodies to continue with this model. Please review the budget and feel free to open up a dialogue if there’s anything in there that you think is egregious or underdeveloped.


We are already planning Camp Tipsy 2017 and want to make it as golden as it can be– would you mind filling out our quick survey? 8 questions, one page- it’ll take 2 minutes!


Camp Tipsy 2016 went off without an argument, an injury, and the forklift didn’t break once. So congratulations to all of us. Good show!


I see Camp Tipsy as a possibility engine. It’s a device that uses Chaos to manufacture magic moments that change the world. You can’t buy that.  You can’t buy magic moments.  But you can buy a t-shirt, make a donation, help us break even, you can help us create a small place in the world where everyone has a chance to build the world’s best terrible boats out of garbage with their friends and families.  Tell me that’s not the best offer you’re going to get all week…



chicken john

Descent Into Madness Parade

Be part of the Parade! Call to Artists & Doers

Okay, who wants to be in a parade?! We will dress you, feed you, get you drunk (and give you a book!) and you will be in such good company! We need 200 (or so) people to make our Descent into Madness parade come alive. We have more than half of the people we need, but we want to make this an epic spectacle and a great night for the people that come!

Book of the Un release party
Oct 1st 8pm (parade at 10, make up at 8:30!)
111 Minna gallery (we are doing a street closure on Minna betwixt 2nd and New Montgomery)
$20 admission … plus you get a book! (of course free to people in the show)

The whole night is an exploration of an interpretation of Bosh’s iconic painting The Garden of Earthly Delights as was presented in the Fallen Cosmos. If you came to the Fallen Cosmos, and would like to don your pink and blue outfit, now is the time!!!

Chicken John is releasing the long awaited volume 2 of his Book of the Is/Book of the Un series, and since the Un has a chapter on the Fallen Cosmos, we wanted to play with that idea one more time. We asked a few people and everyone we asked was super down. So we thought about it- we’ve got the whole street- what should we do with it? A Parade! So Johna is back to making costumes and there are racks and racks of them. We still have all the props and the gallery show that will hang on the walls of the gallery. We just need YOU!

Write us back and pick a day that you can come to our SF warehouse (in the bayview right off 101) for a fitting. or

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to other kindred spirits!

If you can’t be in the show, please save the date and still join us in celebrating on a beautiful October evening!

The Lake Is Beautiful! You Should See It!

The Lake! The Sky! You have to come see it!

If you were in any small way on the fence about coming to Camp Tipsy this year, do it!!! Come! It’s shaping up to an amazing year already! The Teeter Totter is already in the water and the Shop is already set up. But most of all the lake is just stunning with so many great camp sites (with tree shade even) right on the water!

It’s not too late to get a ticket and come. Come tomorrow or come on Wednesday or Thursday when most people show or hell even Friday, whatever just come. You won’t regret it!

Yay Boats!

Buy A Ticket

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Icelandic Double Feature

Join us at Chez Poulet for a DOUBLE FEATURE about Iceland!

8pm on Thursday, May 26
Chez Poulet, 3359 Cesar Chavez, SF
First, we will be screening Blueberry Soup, an extraordinary documentary about the constitutional change in Iceland following the financial crisis of 2008. This is a lesser-known story of grassroots constitutionalism, and an inspiration to the rest of the world. The film is a deeply touching account of an eclectic group of individuals reinventing democracy through the rewriting of the nation’s constitution.

Is it true that a country can crowdsource its constitution…?
Is it true that the arts in a civic environment can effect political change…?
Is it true that Chicken went to Iceland to interview the Parliament?
You will never know until you are here!

Watch the trailer and see press for the movie here.

We will then have a few shorts about Iceland. Vice’s “The Giants of Iceland” will be featured, among others!

From there, we will screen Reyjavik Rising. Filmed in Reykjavik between 2012 and 2014, the documentary meets the instigators of the revolution and follows the most important National Referendum in Iceland’s history. Giving the Icelandic people the opportunity to decide whether to support a constitution that had been created through a popular grassroots movement. It explores the Icelanders’ story of their nation and their revolution but also what lessons can be learned globally from their experiences. In light of a growing international trend towards grassroots movements crossing over into mainstream politics. This documentary is a timely portrayal of one such movement and their struggle to change the face of democracy.

Watch the trailer and read about the creators here.

$10 admission includes popcorn!!! Two movies!!
Tickets can be bought here.
Please invite your friends on our Facebook event!

Help Support A Book All On Art And Other Messy Collaborations!

The messy world of collaboration

You may have heard that Chicken John is writing a new book. This book isn’t a technically project of the SFIOP but it does involve everything the SFIOP stands for. Much of the writing of this book is informed by the wonderful art events put on by the SFIOP including the All Worlds Fair and Fallen Cosmos. In fact the cover of the book is taken from the wonderful Fallen Cosmos Interactive Gifting Graphic created by Arnold Weidinger and Dustin Selman!

So I encourage you to support the writing of this book and get your own copy! The kickstarter has just now pasted the halfway point and new rewards have just been added:

  • Zoli will do an operatic singing telegram anywhere in the Bay Area!!!!
  • $100 coupons from Flora Grubb Gardens!!!!
  • Free admission to Tourettes without Regrets for a year!!!
  • Last Gasp shopping spree!!!!

Support the Kickstarter and get the book!

Blueberry Soup, Documentary On Iceland’s 2008 Constitutional Change

Come watch a great documentary on the 2008 constitutional change in Iceland!

Join us April 20th at Chez Poulet for a screening of Blueberry Soup, an extraordinary documentary about the constitutional change in Iceland following the financial crisis of 2008. This is a lesser-known story of grassroots constitutionalism, and an inspiration to the rest of the world. The film is a deeply touching account of an eclectic group of individuals reinventing democracy through the rewriting of the nation’s constitution.

This movie is of course super relevant to today due to the scandal rocking Iceland and the world with the Panama Papers. The Icelandic PM is currently resigning due to being caught lying about his offshore shell company money laundering.

  • Is it true that a country can crowdsource its constitution…?
  • Is it true that the arts in a civic environment can effect political change…?
  • Is it true that the director will be at Chez Poulet to answer questions…?
  • You will never know until you are here!

Screening of Blueberry Soup

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PDT)
Chez Poulet – 3359 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
$10 admission includes popcorn!!!

Watch the trailer
Press for the movie

Camp Tipsy 2016

Camp Tipsy Tickets are here!

We are now selling “early bird” tickets for $120. Soon, they will sell out and there will only be “General Admission” tickets for $160 until May 20th. Then the dreaded “Top Tier” tickets will kick in for $180.

tickets are here:

Why are we doing tiered ticketing? #1 Because ALL the expenses we incur happen before the event & #2 we want people to commit EARLY! The more of you that commit the more of your friends come the happier we all are because as our sales swell our art/entertainment budget swells as well. And this year we really want to pay the people who come and work for a month. A MONTH!!!

So get your early bird tickets soon, when they sell out they are gone. At your option, you could also chose to buy another ticket if you are flush with cash and want to help out.

Tipsy is going to be bigger this year, I can tell just by how many tickets we have already sold. It’s going to take a little more organizing and it’s going to be way more fun. The lake is totally full, and all the other reservoirs are as well, so it will stay full.