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“Margaret” by Jason Webley and friends

Only 5 days left to support this amazing album by Jason Webley and friends based on the life and writings of Margaret Rucker, an Everett pioneer whose scrapbook was found in a dumpster in SanFrancisco by Chicken John.

On April 11th a bunch of my favorite songwriter friends and I put together an evening of music inspired by the unlikely resurfacing of a scrapbook documenting the life of Margaret Rucker – the daughter of one of the founders of my little hometown of Everett, WA. Each songwriter wrote original material based on her life and poetry – which were both beautiful and tragic.

With your help, I’d like to record an album of the music written for that night to be released this year on Margaret Rucker’s birthday – December 12th.

Support the Kickstarter

Camp Tipsy is shaping up to be awesome!

Word from Chicken and crew that are building Camp Tipsy…

It’s really beautiful up here. Serene. Tranquil. I love to camp. Get out in the great outdoors and set up my drill press and punch 1/2″ holes in steel to make a rudder for a paddleboat. There is nothing quite like the sound of a belt sander as a deer crosses the lake in the distance. We are moving piles and piles of bullshit into position so you can come up here and show those people at the Makers’ Faire they are just a bunch of show offs. Do you know what the most buoyant material known to man is? Bullshit. It floats. I can prove it to you, step by step. Today we are building the crew kitchen and the stage that will host the awesome musical acts we have.

Speaking of musical acts check out the schedule!

Tuesday — Crew Night

Members of the crew entertain the crowd

images images-3 images-2


Wednesday: Karaoke Katastrophe with Paul DeJong

KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco!SF Deco Lounge Costume Karaoke

Thursday: Goth Night!!! Eliza Rickman

Goth make overs with Polly Superstar and friends of Kinky Salon and the awesome “bummer pop” ™ sounds of Eliza Rickman. She plays a toy piano and sings like a siren.

Friday: Flamenco ALL NIGHT LONG with Trio Paz!!!!

(ok, maybe not all night…) This is the band we had last year. They are totally awesome!

Saturday: Boat Contest! Jason Webley! Petroljvic Blasting Company!

Boat contest is Saturday 2:00 pm this year, not Sunday. Come early. Sunday is clean up day. Take time off work, come up early in the week and hang out with us. You won’t be sorry.

Jason Webley, the awesome Accordion guy, yes. But his new show is more tender. He opens for Balkan greats the Petroljvic Blasting Company!!!!

All also week long…


  • Artist Jeremy Burmeister is bringing to Camp Tipsy this year, his very rare and fully restored 1930’s Fully Automated Fortune Telling Booth.
  • Camp Titsy is building a “boat-in” movie theatre.
  • Peep is doing a real Hot Tub Boat.
  • There are dance drill teams.
  • International “Silver Booty” Space Camp
  • A moon boat.
  • Of course Paul da Plummers’ Ferris Wheel Boat (now with giant pontoons!!!!)
  • and so much more. I can’t even remember all of it…

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be 2 baristas on site in the Ritual Spudnik trailer giving away FREE COFFEE from 8 to 11 in the mornings!!!!! See how much we love you?!?!?!

Camp Report

The camp is different this year because the lake is lower. Tons of flat spots. It’s not as cramped. It’s a good spot. It’s kinda rocky. Bring shoes of flip flops if you feet are tender.

The pile is totally out of control. It’s a mini landfill that we carry around with us. Please feel free to bring stuff to add to the pile. We are lacking in fabrics this year

There is a really good spot for kids to go in the water. Shallow for a good long way. Bring the shade right in the water. Boom.

Tickets for Camp Tipsy

The Sacramento Bee has listed Tipsy this year. They said it starts not he 14th. So we don’t have to worry about any of those people ruining our party.

The Bold Italic did an article on us.

Camp Tipsy is shaping up to be everything it could be for this year. I’m totally blissful about it…

– chicken john

It’s … it’s … LOST VEGAS!


It's like ... wait ... what's happening here?  Do we have this?

It’s like … wait … what’s happening here? Do we have this?

A story so incredible it couldn’t even be told once!

What happens there is so improbable that you couldn’t tell anyone even if you wanted to!

Don’t miss the life-changing thrills of … LOST VEGAS!

Here – and anywhere – for one night only!  Saturday, May 3, 9 p.m. – ???

Three blocks from the 16th and Mission BART stop!  (Details to be provided upon ticket purchase)

$10 advance, $20 at the door!

What will you find at LOST VEGAS?  Well, you can win big.  Big!  BIG I TELL ‘YA!  We’ve got:

Sleep (in the park) for your rights!

A new proposal before the Board of Supervisors would set uniform hours for all city parks AND allow the Director of Rec and Parks to close city parks in response to almost anything … including “unlawful assemblies.”  That is to say:  protests the city doesn’t like.

Wait a minute:  we like protests the city doesn’t like!  They’re our favorite kind!

We think that parks, as public land, ought to belong to the public.  We tell them how we want to use it, and when it’s open.

So does the Harvey Milk Club:  they’re sponsoring a “sleep in” in Dolores Park, this Monday night, in order to bring attention to the issue and protest the law.

Learn more here:

This is an act of civil disobedience, possibly in violation of several city statutes.  It’s also an act of free speech and conscience.  One we believe in.

Who wants to go camping?


Hack your Taste Buds with the SFIOP!

It's a miracle!

It’s a miracle!

Miracle Fruit is a berry. When you eat it, an enzyme is released in your mouth that bonds to your taste buds and changes the way things taste. For the next hour sour becomes sweet.

Imagine the possibilities.  How would you like to make lemonade – without adding sugar? Or taste the most aromatic, refined, 40-year-aged balsamic vinegar out of a $1.29 bottle of cooking vinegar from Safeway?

Suddenly everything you think you know about food is up for grabs.  Taste combinations that we think of as impossible are on the table.  What does a lemon taste like now?  What other limits can we test?

Let’s find out.

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility invites you to a Miracle Fruit party on Wednesday, Oct. 23, from 7-9. It’s at Freespace, 1131 Mission Street @ 7th.

It’s completely free.

We’ll bring the Miracle Fruit, you bring foods to taste and share.

San Francisco Institute of Possibility announces that it will NOT conduct a massive publicity stunt to mock the America’s cup, as that would be redundant.

Sailing sailingSan Francisco, CA, Sept. 12, 2013 –San Francisco Institute of Possibility (SFIOP) Executive Director Chicken John Rinaldi announced today that he is cancelling a series of planned public events to satirize the America’s Cup, as there is simply no lower the race can fall at this time.

“When this whole thing started, it was a very exciting time to do parody in San Francisco.  The SFIOP Board of Directors and I thought of a million ways we could make fun of the Cup race, and the lousy deal the city took to host it, and Larry Ellison and his billionaire cronies,” Chicken John said.  “But as disasters kept piling up it just stopped being funny, you know?  I mean, Ellison’s team was caught cheating after a man died, leading to the New Zealand yacht competing in a race against itself.  How do you satirize that?”

Added Rinaldi, “Oracle’s key sailor is named ‘Dirk de Ridder.’   That alone is pretty funny.  Also, the amount of money the city is going to have to pay for this debacle keeps climbing.  It’s now at, what, $13 million dollars?  That we’re paying so a billionaire can have Dirk de Ridder sail a yacht through our bay?  Being funnier than that for free is just not worth the effort.” (more…)

Support Jane Kim and John Avalos’ advertising free skies law!

Keep this out of our neighborhoods!

Keep this out of our neighborhoods!

The fight to free San Francisco’s skies from advertising has taken a … small … step forward.

But it’s a step.

On Monday the Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Economic Development Committee considered a measure by Jane Kim and John Avalos to ban all aerial advertising in San Francisco.  (The measure came out of discussions with the San Francisco Institute of Possibility’s board.)

It should have been a slam dunk – but instead it’s on the slow and scenic legislative path, the kind that doesn’t always get where it’s going.  (Cough cough:  immigration reform.) (more…)

Help us free San Francisco’s skies from advertising!

It's coming to your skies - unless you do something!

It’s coming to your skies – unless you do something!

Look, at the rate things are going it’s just a matter of time before an energy drink hires a fleet of planes to fly around San Francisco pulling messages like “Feel the Rush!” and “Gives hackers the 24 hour energy boost they need to innovate!”

Do you really want that?  I mean, what’s the damn point of living in a city with beautiful views of they bay if those views are constantly blocked by advertising?

You know it’s coming.

BUT … in response to a question by a member of the SFIOP board, Supervisor Jane Kim and Supervisor John Avalos are proposing a ban on “the use of aircraft, self-propelled, or buoyant objects to display any sign or advertising device in airspace over the City and County of San Francisco.”

That’s right:  advertising free skies!  When you look out your window you’ll see mountains, bridges, and coastal waters, rather than hashtags for the social media campaigns of snack food companies!


Top reasons San Francisco was picked to host Super Bowl L in 2016:

  • In San Francisco, a massive half-time show is called "Wednesday."

    In San Francisco, a massive half-time show is called “Wednesday.”

    Steadily increasing rent and home prices will have driven out all the protesters by then  

  • Ed Lee’s displays of personal athleticism
  • We’re the only city that really understands Roman numerals
  • Our opera kicks the Miami cultural scene’s ass
  • Willie Brown knows a guy
  • We can’t lose EVERYTHING to Santa Clara
  • MUNI buses should have gotten rid of the stink by 2015, tops
  • NFL players are really into Burning Man 
  • We offered to give them everything the America’s Cup hasn’t already made off with
  • 20 years of pranks by the Cacophony Society have made us strong and resilient against our foes

The British Consulate cannot help you

Someone here did something very funny.

Someone here did something very funny.

Somewhere in the depths of the bureaucracy of the British Foreign Office, there sits a hero.

He is anonymous:  we will likely never know his name.  But he did something so brave, so bold, so honest, that it touches the heart of any true cacophonist.

This anonymous hero sent out a press release, to everyone in Great Britain, reminding its citizens that the Foreign Office cannot give them the contact information for Sir Paul McCartney’s wife.

It’s funny because it’s true.

“Over the last year, the FCO handled more than a million consular enquiries and supported some 52,135 British nationals in difficulty abroad,” this anonymous hero’s press release began. “However, our consular staff overseas continue to receive a number of enquiries that they simply cannot provide assistance for.”

He then lists some examples.  These are all true. (more…)