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Odeon 10 year – part 2

Here is a partial list of some of the stuff, we are old now and everyone has kids so the show will officially start at 10:00…

Jason Webley
Sparkle Motion
Attaboy and Burke
Dr. Hal
Phoenix is flying out from Wisconsin to sing kareokie “Piano Man” with the improved lyrics
I’m sure there will be more… Who knows. Maybe Jolie Holland and Sean Hayes will make out on stage.

The idea of shooting a bottle rocket out of someone’s ass sounds horrifying.

I wonder what’s in the Jack Daniels bottle?

Expect a smidgeon of the magic of yesteryear, receding hairlines, familiar faces and stronger drinks than the last time you were there. I have a collection of photos that will delight you. I dont’ want to go too crazy with promotion, the place only holds 130 people… but it would be great to see all of you.

I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of all that we did there and all that we have done since. We really changed things. It was really good. To challenge convention, to live your life as art, to defeat mediocrity in all it’s forms. This is to live. To create and collect magic moments. To hear the universe applaud…

I don’t miss owning a bar, but I sure do miss all of you.       chicken

Odeon 10th Anniversary!

Phoenix, Windy, Robin, Camilla, Ben, Jenner, Summer, Flash, Chicken, Tyler. 3223 Mission Street. The Odeon Bar. Thank you to Tracey for believing in us. Thank you to Mazin for letting us figure it out by ourselves. Thank you to Simone for taking care of all the things all the time. Thank you to Nieves for your leadership and positivity.

It was an impossible task, really. In the year 2,000 or so I set out to turn a failing bar into a variety arts empire. A bar in the Mission that would only book circus, theater, comedy, bizarre music and odd or unlikely variety acts. They all said it would totally fail and never make any money. And they were right! We kept it open, somehow. Little hustles here and there. Who knows how. Some of the magical nights there are burned into my brain. It was an amazing place.

I started seeing the acts that I had been promoting playing at other venues. Bigger venues. Better venues. I knew I could hang on and it would be a successful business. Someday. But that’s not what I wanted. And I learned to detest the alcohol. My work was done. Now, EVERY venue in SF has permanent rigging for trapeze. There are still tons of bands playing, but the newspaper or blogs will write about your chainsaw sharpening musical or your typewriter ensemble, which would have been impossible 15 years ago.

One of the reasons I had to sell was because I was diagnosed with Hep C (which I recently have been cured of), and had to stop drinking. Listening to all your drunkies while dead sober was awful. The other reason I sold was because it just wasn’t needed anymore. There were other places that were promoting the ideas I had latched on to. We had a vision. We saw the vision. I mean, you drink water NOT to be thirsty. That’s how the whole cause and effect thing works…

It wasn’t easy to re-build a new machine. But we did it. And the machine we built is mighty! The Odeon was an important part of the balanced breakfast that is the SFIOP. Alliances that were forged there are still honored to this day. It’s an honor to serve.

So ten years have gone by. I rented to the Knockout for the night, May 30th. . Zoli has arranged for some entertainments which I will tell you about in the next email I send out. Come raise a glass to the old days.

The Knockout is at (duh) 3223 Mission street, where Mission and Valencia intersect. Yes, they do. Yes they do I go there every fucking day shut up! (I haven’t said that for exactly ten years!) We all have kids now, so the show will start late, at like 10. Goes till 2. And we don’t have to clean up!!!!!!!


Invitation to The Fallen Cosmos Artist Orientation

Dear Artists and Doers,

You may have heard of a little thing we like to call The Fallen Cosmos. While you may have heard some rumors about the hidden intricacies behind it I assure you the whisperers from the Fallen Cosmos are prone to trickery and confusion. The truth is far more strange and magical and it will take dozens of creative minds coming together to pull the Fallen Cosmos into a form that is perceivable by mere humans.

Artists, doers, we need to access YOUR dreams and subconscious energies to bring the Fallen Cosmos into this world!

We are staging several Fallen Cosmos orientation sessions for small groups of artists like you to contribute your creative visions and dreams as puzzle pieces making it whole. Each meeting will be a small intimate group to better access the creative mesmeric energies.

RSVP is required to attend these Fallen Cosmos orientation sessions and are first come first serve.

Fallen Cosmos Orientation Session Sign Up Form

Lost Vegas Rocked!

Lost Vegas was a total success! Not only did it come together to be a great fun event but we raised $6000 for the Camp Tipsy Art Fund! The Camp Tipsy Art Fund is new for this year: 50% of the fund will go to Seafarer Grants for people to make art boats and 50% will help pay for musicians and Landlubber Grants for art around camp. You got your ticket to Camp Tipsy right? Because it’s going to be awesome this year!

Photos from Lost Vegas!

Special thanks for Lost Vegas go to:

  • Valerie Levy for doing an awesome job with the boxing.
  • Mirage-A-Trios for being showgirls. That was totally amazing and confounding.
  • Arnold Weidinger for the Duck Battle. That was the stupidest thing for 500 miles in any direction.
  • Noona and Paul and friends for the Lost Vegas Police Department.
  • High Rock, Ty Mcenzie and Justinian for working the door.
  • KJ Paul DeJong for rocking the Karaoke, the silent Karaoke and providing the PA system.
  • Dirty Dave for running the bar.
  • Colin, Courtney and Jimmy for solving all the problems.
  • Dr. Hal and Rev. Roy for marrying everyone.
  • Jason for doing the OuterBody Experience Goggle thing.
  • Tracey and Don for redeeming everyone.
  • David Fine for being the best cockroach wrangler in history.
  • Jeremy Pollock for dealing Craps.
  • Brian Doherty for roulette. 20 years!!!!
  • Brad Allen and his strange friend for building help.
  • Chicken John for his palettes of beautiful Lost Vegas bullshit and making it all come together.

Lost Vegas was so much fun, even Chicken John had fun! That almost never happens.

Thank you again for dressing up and making the event a blast! And thank you for supporting the Camp Tipsy Art Fund which supports artists making ridiculous boats!

Building Lost Vegas!

Lost Vegas build went great! Tables are set up, expensive mylar was hung, the duck fighting ring is built, the RAMP OF DEATH is ready, the Short Duration Wedding Chapel is beautifully decorated, and the Lost Vegas Jail is ready to take prisoners! Also you should see the piles and piles of valuable prizes!

Check out the gallery below and come to Lost Vegas this Saturday May 3rd starts at 9pm!

Preorder $10 ticket sale ends tonight at midnight! Proceeds go to support the Camp Tipsy Art Fund!

Buy Your Ticket!

Building Lost Vegas Gallery