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News From Lake Lodoga… Water Levels & Fun Levels!

News From Lake Lodoga

“Where all the children are feral and all the boats are barely above the water line.”

We’ve had several people ask us if there is water this year. The answer is yes. Here’s the hard numbers straight from government sources:

So there you have it. Lake Lodoga has more water than there was in 2013 and waaaaaayyyy more than 2014. While they may drain it some more there is ONLY 19 DAYS TILL CAMP TIPSY! So most likely we are looking at water levels comparable to 2013.

So stop dabbling and buy your tickets to the best rotten boat building contest in drought ridden California! I mean who knows what next year will be like? You don’t want to miss out on what may very well be the best and last Camp Tipsy!

It’s going to be great! Rotten Boats! And music by Friction QuartetTrio Paz, and Rube Waddell!!

Buy Your Ticket Today!

Zoli, Italian Spiderman Singing Telegram!

Camp Tipsy is right around the corner!

Camp Tipsy is right around the corner! if you haven’t gotten your tickets get tickets today!

Personally I can’t wait to build a stupid art boat and see Zoli deliver a telegram dressed as the Italian Spiderman! There are three Italian Spiderman rewards left in the Camp Tipsy Art Boat grant kickstarter so get them while they are hot!

…Wait… What you don’t know Italian Spiderman?!?


Camp Tipsy 2015 Kickstarter!

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility is proud to present Camp Tipsy 2015! We are hoping that everyone will make a boat this year, but there are a few exceptional artists who need some extra help with materials, transportation, consumables and other stuff. We have decided to list them here, and reach out to get this stuff funded. It will be a great way to let people know about the event, too.

Our fundraising is two-fold: one is for the ACRE of bullshit that we store in Lodoga all year that is the raw material for boat building for all you people. Camp Tipsy lost money last year, and the storage didn’t get paid. The other side of the fundraising is for the awesome projects that people have come up with — both on land and the sea! We’ve structured this campaign as first and foremost to pay for storage, with that in the bag all stretch goals will go to all the landlubber art and art boat projects that artists have send us proposals for.

We appreciate your generosity, and we will look forward to seeing your terribly implemented stupid boats this year!!!

Donate Today to Fund Art at Camp Tipsy!

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Camp Tipsy Art Grant Awards!

We awarded several Art Grants for Camp Tipsy this year! Proceeds from Lost Vegas and out Poker Tournament all when into the grant budget which went for art grants and money for musicians. Additional matching funds from the SFIOP were provided.

Because of this new grant program you can look forward to awesomeness like:

  • Paul da Plummer’s Bicycle Ferris Wheel Boat!
  • Hot Tub Boat, by Peef!
  • International “Silver Booty” Space Camp with their flotilla of Space Boats!
  • Drive In / Boat In Movie by Camp Titsy!

We had one project submit a tad too late — out art grant budget has wrung dry — but we really want to see them funded! We highly encourage you to donate for the Moon Boat!


The Ark of the Moon is a floating rendition of our little blue planet’s only natural satellite. We aim not to hang the moon, but to float it, half immersed in the waters of Lake Ladoga. Our ship affects the look of a full moon rising over water, but in its perpetually half-sunk state, is also a sign of the natural order gone anarchically awry.

More info at

Their asking budget is around $1250, which covers costs and provides us some padding just in case of a need for a refurbished space shuttle rescue mission (the Smithsonian is hurting too). You can help them by donating any of the following ways:


Camp Tipsy Water Report

Due to rumors that water levels were too low at Lake Ladoga, the Crew of the USS Tipsy beamed down to investigate. This dramatic coverage shows what they found!

Help the Ferris Wheel Boat float!

It was like this, only a boat, on a lake, with your best friends in it.

It was like this, only a boat, on a lake, with your best friends in it.

It’s a Ferris wheel!  On a boat!

Do you get it?  A Ferris wheel … on a boat!

There’s no simpler way to describe what it is, or how amazing.

Wanna see some video?

Paul Cesewski has creating this amazing thing, this feat of innovation and daring, and we helped pay for it to  come out to Camp Tipsy – where it was 24 hours of non-stop delight.


Camp Tipsy: More Fun Than You Can Shake a Mizzanmast at!

Yeah, this happened

Yeah, this happened

Picture a yacht.  Picture a whole harbor full of yachts. Big fancy things, million dollar boats.  Boats that are chromed and polished and full of every iGadget on the market.  Everyone there is trying to one-up each other:   who’s is the biggest, whose is the shiniest, whose is the most expensive.

And then … we pull into the harbor, piloting a boat made of garbage.

That’s right:  garbage.  Completely recycled materials.  Unique in all the world:  there will never be another boat like it.

And all eyes turn on us now.  And every jaw drops.  Because our boat, which we built with our bare hands out of stuff from the dump for almost nothing, is cooler.  It’s WAY more interesting.  And everybody in the million dollar boats wants to know:  “how did they do that?”

That’s happened.  Repeatedly.