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Everyhere Logistics

Help bring art to everywhere!

Support their kickstarter even if it’s only $1!

So Everyhere Logistics is as they say “Building art community, one box truck at a time.” This isn’t an SFIOP art project — we got our hands full with Camp Tipsy and dreaming up the next amazing thing after Fallen Cosmos — but we we at SFIOP solid support anyone building an art community.

It’s a ridiculously ambitious art project — but who are we to mock people with ridiculously ambitious ideas??? They are taking art box trucks on the road from NY and SF stopping off at various cities along the way and meeting in the middle. Each city will sponsor their own Night Market with a host of art trucks that they will join up with. My partner Tess has her very own adorable Jr Rangers art truck (shown above) which she will be taking.

They have a Kickstarter going right now and it’s going well but they could use more help. It’s all over this Tuesday 30th. I encourage everyone to check out the project and donate, even if you can only donate $! But if you can/want to donate more there are a lot of great rewards.

Personally I’ve offered up my graphic design logo services. If you weren’t aware weird logos for weird art projects is one of my bailiwicks. You may know of my old project Balsa Man which I designed all the various logos for. I also created the logo for Dance Dance Immolation and the Prim & Proper Lady’s Etiquette Society among others. So if you want me to design a solid quality logo for your art project or band and have a $1000 then donate to their Kickstarter and pick that reward!

So donate today (Kickstarter is over this Tuesday) even if it’s only $1!

Donate to Everyhere Logistics Kickstarter

Camp Tipsy Is Shaping Up!

Chicken and others are already shuttling up the sounds system and the workshop and all the crap it takes to put this event on. I’m going to be heading up on Sunday and I’m excited to leave the city. If you don’t have tickets yet get them while their hot!

Get Your Tipsy Tickets!

Come early and help!

Anyone who can come help set up the campsite this weekend would be loved greatly. Right now it’s just a handful of people working their ass off. Even if you can’t be up there the entire week, how about just coming up for the weekend to give a hand? Plus you can stake out your campsite before the hordes arrive.

P.S. Yes there is still water

Lake Lodoga is currently at 23652 AF which is nearly 3x what it was last year. Also yes there are some trees for camping under but we still recommend bringing shade if you can — and sunscreen! We’ll likely run out of shade trees and it’s likely be hot, if last year’s temperature is any indication.


We Made Our Kickstarter! And Water Report

Yay! We made our Kickstarter!

Now help us hit our stretch goals!

We already hit one stretch goal — the Summer School Makerboat! We will are now in sight of our next stretch goal: Charlie Gabeken’s Flaming Hearts as seen above.

Help Fund More Tipsy Art!

Water Report

Current Water level in Ladoga Lake is still good 27505 AF, which is comparable to 2013’s 28000 AF and well above last year’s 8000 AF (source CA Dept of Water). But if you don’t believe numbers here are photos from the Once Upon a Time festival that was just this past weekend at the same spot!

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Mermaid Show For Kids At Camp Tipsy!

Mermaid show for kids at Camp Tipsy!

Hear the siren call of Camp Tipsy! The Mermaid Atlantis and her pod will be present to provide entertainment for all the younger fishies in camp. Splashy family entertainment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Friday — Magic and Singalong Hour (in the shade)
  • Saturday — Fairy Tea Party Hour (in the shade)
  • Sunday — Scavenger Hunt to Mermaid Island – Come swim with a pod of mermaids! (in the water)

For kids of all ages. Magic, crafts and storytelling. Sunday is fun in the water. Please have kids ready for action (sunblock, floaties etc…) This is a parent/kid thing, this is NOT a drop kid off thing. We value and encourage parent participation. Bring a camera on Sunday to get a shot of your kid putting their heads in the mouth of a hydra!!!!

Mermaid Atlantis YouTube Channel

Mermaid Atlantis Web Site

Remember kids admission is FREE to Camp Tipsy!

Buy Your Ticket!

News From Lake Lodoga… Water Levels & Fun Levels!

News From Lake Lodoga

“Where all the children are feral and all the boats are barely above the water line.”

We’ve had several people ask us if there is water this year. The answer is yes. Here’s the hard numbers straight from government sources:

So there you have it. Lake Lodoga has more water than there was in 2013 and waaaaaayyyy more than 2014. While they may drain it some more there is ONLY 19 DAYS TILL CAMP TIPSY! So most likely we are looking at water levels comparable to 2013.

So stop dabbling and buy your tickets to the best rotten boat building contest in drought ridden California! I mean who knows what next year will be like? You don’t want to miss out on what may very well be the best and last Camp Tipsy!

It’s going to be great! Rotten Boats! And music by Friction QuartetTrio Paz, and Rube Waddell!!

Buy Your Ticket Today!

Dancehall Of Beautiful Radiant Things And EhL Fundraiser, June 24th

Dancehall of Beautiful Radiant Things

Wednesday June 24th at the Verdi Club

This is a thing worth going to. I’m telling you this as a person who was a total geek and hated school dances when I was younger. I skipped the first Dancehall event because I was all “Hell no I don’t slow dance” But then I was told that I must go. That it was great. So I went… and I loved it!

It is as they say “a night of vignette moments with strangers and friends.” I filled my dance card with friends, people I haven’t seen in a while, and people I never met. The dancing was goofy as I don’t know how to lead or follow, but the moments and the conversations were wonderful, even though they each only lasted a single song.

So I encourage you to go! It doesn’t matter if you know how to dance nor if you even like dancing.Dress to the nines and come mingle for a night you will not forget!

This month Dancehall we will be raising funds for the Everyhere Logistics art project, which is an amazing project that I recommend you check out.

Buy your ticket!

Zoli, Italian Spiderman Singing Telegram!

Camp Tipsy is right around the corner!

Camp Tipsy is right around the corner! if you haven’t gotten your tickets get tickets today!

Personally I can’t wait to build a stupid art boat and see Zoli deliver a telegram dressed as the Italian Spiderman! There are three Italian Spiderman rewards left in the Camp Tipsy Art Boat grant kickstarter so get them while they are hot!

…Wait… What you don’t know Italian Spiderman?!?


Odeon 10 year – part 2

Here is a partial list of some of the stuff, we are old now and everyone has kids so the show will officially start at 10:00…

Jason Webley
Sparkle Motion
Attaboy and Burke
Dr. Hal
Phoenix is flying out from Wisconsin to sing kareokie “Piano Man” with the improved lyrics
I’m sure there will be more… Who knows. Maybe Jolie Holland and Sean Hayes will make out on stage.

The idea of shooting a bottle rocket out of someone’s ass sounds horrifying.

I wonder what’s in the Jack Daniels bottle?

Expect a smidgeon of the magic of yesteryear, receding hairlines, familiar faces and stronger drinks than the last time you were there. I have a collection of photos that will delight you. I dont’ want to go too crazy with promotion, the place only holds 130 people… but it would be great to see all of you.

I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of all that we did there and all that we have done since. We really changed things. It was really good. To challenge convention, to live your life as art, to defeat mediocrity in all it’s forms. This is to live. To create and collect magic moments. To hear the universe applaud…

I don’t miss owning a bar, but I sure do miss all of you.       chicken

Odeon 10th Anniversary!

Phoenix, Windy, Robin, Camilla, Ben, Jenner, Summer, Flash, Chicken, Tyler. 3223 Mission Street. The Odeon Bar. Thank you to Tracey for believing in us. Thank you to Mazin for letting us figure it out by ourselves. Thank you to Simone for taking care of all the things all the time. Thank you to Nieves for your leadership and positivity.

It was an impossible task, really. In the year 2,000 or so I set out to turn a failing bar into a variety arts empire. A bar in the Mission that would only book circus, theater, comedy, bizarre music and odd or unlikely variety acts. They all said it would totally fail and never make any money. And they were right! We kept it open, somehow. Little hustles here and there. Who knows how. Some of the magical nights there are burned into my brain. It was an amazing place.

I started seeing the acts that I had been promoting playing at other venues. Bigger venues. Better venues. I knew I could hang on and it would be a successful business. Someday. But that’s not what I wanted. And I learned to detest the alcohol. My work was done. Now, EVERY venue in SF has permanent rigging for trapeze. There are still tons of bands playing, but the newspaper or blogs will write about your chainsaw sharpening musical or your typewriter ensemble, which would have been impossible 15 years ago.

One of the reasons I had to sell was because I was diagnosed with Hep C (which I recently have been cured of), and had to stop drinking. Listening to all your drunkies while dead sober was awful. The other reason I sold was because it just wasn’t needed anymore. There were other places that were promoting the ideas I had latched on to. We had a vision. We saw the vision. I mean, you drink water NOT to be thirsty. That’s how the whole cause and effect thing works…

It wasn’t easy to re-build a new machine. But we did it. And the machine we built is mighty! The Odeon was an important part of the balanced breakfast that is the SFIOP. Alliances that were forged there are still honored to this day. It’s an honor to serve.

So ten years have gone by. I rented to the Knockout for the night, May 30th. . Zoli has arranged for some entertainments which I will tell you about in the next email I send out. Come raise a glass to the old days.

The Knockout is at (duh) 3223 Mission street, where Mission and Valencia intersect. Yes, they do. Yes they do I go there every fucking day shut up! (I haven’t said that for exactly ten years!) We all have kids now, so the show will start late, at like 10. Goes till 2. And we don’t have to clean up!!!!!!!


Camp Tipsy 2015 Kickstarter!

The San Francisco Institute of Possibility is proud to present Camp Tipsy 2015! We are hoping that everyone will make a boat this year, but there are a few exceptional artists who need some extra help with materials, transportation, consumables and other stuff. We have decided to list them here, and reach out to get this stuff funded. It will be a great way to let people know about the event, too.

Our fundraising is two-fold: one is for the ACRE of bullshit that we store in Lodoga all year that is the raw material for boat building for all you people. Camp Tipsy lost money last year, and the storage didn’t get paid. The other side of the fundraising is for the awesome projects that people have come up with — both on land and the sea! We’ve structured this campaign as first and foremost to pay for storage, with that in the bag all stretch goals will go to all the landlubber art and art boat projects that artists have send us proposals for.

We appreciate your generosity, and we will look forward to seeing your terribly implemented stupid boats this year!!!

Donate Today to Fund Art at Camp Tipsy!

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