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Camp Tipsy 2016

Camp Tipsy Tickets are here!

We are now selling “early bird” tickets for $120. Soon, they will sell out and there will only be “General Admission” tickets for $160 until May 20th. Then the dreaded “Top Tier” tickets will kick in for $180.

tickets are here:

Why are we doing tiered ticketing? #1 Because ALL the expenses we incur happen before the event & #2 we want people to commit EARLY! The more of you that commit the more of your friends come the happier we all are because as our sales swell our art/entertainment budget swells as well. And this year we really want to pay the people who come and work for a month. A MONTH!!!

So get your early bird tickets soon, when they sell out they are gone. At your option, you could also chose to buy another ticket if you are flush with cash and want to help out.

Tipsy is going to be bigger this year, I can tell just by how many tickets we have already sold. It’s going to take a little more organizing and it’s going to be way more fun. The lake is totally full, and all the other reservoirs are as well, so it will stay full.




Official Launch For Billboard Free SF – This Wednesday 6pm!

Official launch for Billboard Free SF!

This Wednesday at the Chez Poulet: 3359 Cesar Chavez @ Mission

  • 6:00 to 7:00 pm we are showing a few anti-billboard movies and shorts for people who want to get into the swing of things.
  • 7:00 to 8:00 we have some materials for aiding discussions and introducing people to this very complex topic.
  • 8:00 to 8:20 is the TED Talk style presentation by Chicken John and Arnold Weidinger.
  • 8:20 to 11:00 discussions, complaining, conspiring and other assorted revelry.

Please join us for the launch of Billboard Free SF!!!!!

Thank You Volunteers, Participates And Donors!

You make art happen!

We wanted to sent a big thanks to all who have volunteered, participated, and donated to the SFIOP in the past year. It’s because of you and for you that we work to make this arts non-profit thing happen.

Extra thanks to all the recent donors!

We received a little over $1500 recently which helps go towards the production of new art and new projects. If you haven’t donated and wish to we encourage you to do so — remember all donations are tax deductible!

Donate Today!

Ride The Zoli Opera Bus!

Ride the Zoli Opera Bus!

This Sunday, November 22nd, Zoli is once again, using his birthday as a ruse to get his friends to come ALL THE WAY up to Vallejo to hear him sing. And, once again, our friend Chicken John is making it possible by providing his big sexy Green Tortoise bus as transportation from San Francisco.

This is Zoli’s biggest role yet — one of the biggest tenor roles in the entire opera repertoire: Riccardo in Giuseppe Verdi’s Masked Ball, a.k.a. Un Ballo in Maschera.

  • The bus will leave at 11am from Ritual Coffee Roasters, 1026 Valencia St. in the Mission District.
  • Bus begins loading at 10:30am– please come early to get cozy and ensure a timely departure.
  • The show begins at 2pm sharp at the Bay Terrace Theater, 51 Daniels Avenue, in Vallejo.

PLEASE PAYPAL CHICKEN JOHN $20 TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT ON THE BUS:  (This does not include admission to the show.)

TICKETS TO THE SHOW (Make sure you are getting tickets to the Nov 22nd show.)

Facebook event page

More info at  Verismo Opera

Yay Opera!

Oakland FIGMENT FUN-draiser

Last year’s Oakland Figment in Mosswood was amazing! It was the first Figment ever in the Bay Area, the largest commerce-free art festival in the Bay Area, and the last year we were the 3rd largest FIGMENT out of the 15 or so US cities that are involved and we did it because of all the support of the creative community.

Last year I was in charge of the Games portion of the event and I went around giving Fun & Frolic quests to attendees. It was a lot of fun. I’m excited to see it happen again this October 24th in Mosswood park! FIGMENT art and performance to Mosswood Park in a few weeks.

Oakland FIGMENT is an all-volunteer effort completely supported by the community and they need your help now!

To help them meet our goals they are having a fundraising kickoff party at the SF Institute of Possibility in the Mission on Monday, September 28th starting at 7:30p and we would like to invite you to join us.

You will have an opportunity to meet the people who make Oakland FIGMENT happen

Oakland FIGMENT FUN-draising Kickoff Party

3359 Cesar Chavez
SF CA 94110

7:30p – 10:30p

Food and drink will be available for a donation.

You can  also make FIGMENT a success with a tax-deductible donation at their website, volunteer at our fundraising party, spreading the word to artists, performers, friends and family!

If you are artist please join us October 24th, we’d love to see your art, submit a project today!

Help Stop The Park Service From Banning Ocean Beach Fires!

Help stop the Park Service from limiting beach fires in the fire pits!

After all the hard work that the Burners Without Borders, Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Beach Foundation, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy did a few years ago working with the Park Service to build fire pits and create a fair policy and allow beach fires to continue the National Park Service is once again trying to further limit fire in these very same fire pits!

The new NPS fire permit proposal wants to completely ban fires during the winter months (November 1 to February 28) and then limit fires the rest of the year from 9am-3pm, then 4pm-9pm. And they want make it onerous and expensive by requiring anyone wanting to have a fire in one of the firepits to buy a $25-35 permit before even showing up!

The latter is really screwed up as Supervisor Eric Mar and the CIty of San Francisco has offered $185,000 to cover all Ocean Beach maintenance costs for two years! The only reason for NPS to charge a permit fee is to make it onerous and ruin what is one of the few remaining free, open fun activities people can do in San Francisco.

What can I do? You ask…

Tom Price is heading up the effort to stop the NPS from putting these onerous restrictions on the use of the Ocean Beach fire pits. He has requested that people email him a letter stating their support for continuing the fair beach fire policy that is already in place. He will print out these letters and bring them to the Ocean Beach Fire Program Public Meeting meeting next week Thursday, Sept 24, 6pm to 8:30 pm.

Anyone and all are of course welcome to join at the Ocean Beach Fire Program Public Meeting to voice your support. I know Tom would love to have you there.

Ocean Beach Fire Program Public Meeting
Thursday, September 24
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Presentation/Discussion at 6:30 pm
County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park
In the Auditorium
1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Information gathered at the meeting will be used to further develop the proposal, which will be released in early October for a 30 day public review and comment period.

Help keep San Francisco fun!


Everyhere Logistics’ Final Hurrah Tonight In Reno!

Stop on by on your way to that thing in the desert!

Tonight is the last Everyhere Logistics Lost Horizon Night Market which is taking place Reno. I am as I write this on a Greyhound Bus on my way to Reno.

If you want to know the location for the Reno Night Market you must RSVP on this form

So far the Everyhere Logistics art truck road trip has been going great! I recommend you check out their blog or their instagram showcasing fun photos from the road and the various Night Market’s they’ve hit along the way.

I myself flew out to St. Louis which was the first city that both the NY and SF art trucks met up. The St Louis Lost Horizon Night Market was a lot of fun, I got to enjoy some amazing BBQ and had an amazing time exploring the magical City Museum.

Looking forward to tonight’s Reno Lost Horizon Night Market. Hope to see you there

RSVP for the Reno Night Market

Everyhere Logistics

Help bring art to everywhere!

Support their kickstarter even if it’s only $1!

So Everyhere Logistics is as they say “Building art community, one box truck at a time.” This isn’t an SFIOP art project — we got our hands full with Camp Tipsy and dreaming up the next amazing thing after Fallen Cosmos — but we we at SFIOP solid support anyone building an art community.

It’s a ridiculously ambitious art project — but who are we to mock people with ridiculously ambitious ideas??? They are taking art box trucks on the road from NY and SF stopping off at various cities along the way and meeting in the middle. Each city will sponsor their own Night Market with a host of art trucks that they will join up with. My partner Tess has her very own adorable Jr Rangers art truck (shown above) which she will be taking.

They have a Kickstarter going right now and it’s going well but they could use more help. It’s all over this Tuesday 30th. I encourage everyone to check out the project and donate, even if you can only donate $! But if you can/want to donate more there are a lot of great rewards.

Personally I’ve offered up my graphic design logo services. If you weren’t aware weird logos for weird art projects is one of my bailiwicks. You may know of my old project Balsa Man which I designed all the various logos for. I also created the logo for Dance Dance Immolation and the Prim & Proper Lady’s Etiquette Society among others. So if you want me to design a solid quality logo for your art project or band and have a $1000 then donate to their Kickstarter and pick that reward!

So donate today (Kickstarter is over this Tuesday) even if it’s only $1!

Donate to Everyhere Logistics Kickstarter

Camp Tipsy Is Shaping Up!

Chicken and others are already shuttling up the sounds system and the workshop and all the crap it takes to put this event on. I’m going to be heading up on Sunday and I’m excited to leave the city. If you don’t have tickets yet get them while their hot!

Get Your Tipsy Tickets!

Come early and help!

Anyone who can come help set up the campsite this weekend would be loved greatly. Right now it’s just a handful of people working their ass off. Even if you can’t be up there the entire week, how about just coming up for the weekend to give a hand? Plus you can stake out your campsite before the hordes arrive.

P.S. Yes there is still water

Lake Lodoga is currently at 23652 AF which is nearly 3x what it was last year. Also yes there are some trees for camping under but we still recommend bringing shade if you can — and sunscreen! We’ll likely run out of shade trees and it’s likely be hot, if last year’s temperature is any indication.


We Made Our Kickstarter! And Water Report

Yay! We made our Kickstarter!

Now help us hit our stretch goals!

We already hit one stretch goal — the Summer School Makerboat! We will are now in sight of our next stretch goal: Charlie Gabeken’s Flaming Hearts as seen above.

Help Fund More Tipsy Art!

Water Report

Current Water level in Ladoga Lake is still good 27505 AF, which is comparable to 2013’s 28000 AF and well above last year’s 8000 AF (source CA Dept of Water). But if you don’t believe numbers here are photos from the Once Upon a Time festival that was just this past weekend at the same spot!

eb6d7182-c453-4159-8952-c542add948f3 a0b70835-ec33-428a-98cb-b146618b6b2b 641dd927-8207-4c27-a5f3-a6ac3c41fb53